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Gabrielle J. Smith

Dive deep into the world of employment with Gabrielle J. Smith – a seasoned Human Resources expert, accomplished writer, passionate blogger, and dedicated mother of three. Gabrielle doesn't just stay confined to her professional world; she's on a mission to empower job seekers everywhere. With a penchant for "resume tricks," as she fondly calls them, she's unlocked the secrets to capturing an employer's attention. Over the past four years, Gabrielle's invaluable insights have graced numerous esteemed platforms, guiding countless individuals toward their dream jobs. Trust Gabrielle's no-nonsense, actionable advice, because she's just getting started. Let her be your compass in the vast sea of job hunting! Reviewed By: Joanna Perez and Brenda Tillman Edited By: Lenny Terra Fact Checked By: Photos Taken or Curated By: Matthew Mansour