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Lenny Terra

Meet Lenny Terra: not just the co-founder and main reviewer of this blog, but so much more. With a vibrant career as a software engineer and an insightful life coach, Lenny beautifully bridges the technical and emotional realms. His keen eye for design is complemented by his educational foundation, as he holds a diploma in Modern Applied Psychology. Writing isn't just a hobby for Lenny; it's a way to share his vast reservoir of knowledge and insights. As a dedicated freelance writer, every piece he crafts is a testament to his commitment to enhance the quality of life for his readers. But who is Lenny outside of his professional pursuits? He's a proud husband and the doting father of two radiant girls. Every day, he strives to make a difference, ensuring his loved ones, and by extension, his readers, lead lives filled with joy and purpose. So, the next time you enjoy a blog post here, know it comes from the heart of Texas, where Lenny, alongside his supportive family and two loyal dogs, continues his journey to inspire and empower. Reviewed By: Joanna Perez and Brenda Tillman Edited By: Marcella Raskin Fact Checked By: Gabrielle J. Smith Photos Taken or Curated By: Matthew Mansour