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marcella Raskin

Marcella Raskin, The Passionate Founder

As founder, reviewer, and editor-in-chief of 10 Best for Women, Marcella brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for empowering others.

She’s studied cognitive behavioral therapy, life purpose coaching, and group coaching to hone her skills in guiding people to become their best selves. Marcella loves exploring thoughts on personal growth through writing.

When she’s not working, you can find her staying active with sports or spending time with her husband and two daughters.


Joanna Perez, The CBT Expert

With certifications in cognitive behavioral therapy, women’s empowerment coaching, and more, Joanna is driven to help others reach their potential.

As a traveler, wife, mom, and passionate writer, she provides quality content on parenting, health, wellness, and lifestyle. An avid animal lover, Joanna can often be found photographing her two cats.


Brenda Tillman, The Dedicated Mom Blogger

As a cognitive behavioral therapist and proud mom of three, Brenda offers invaluable perspectives on parenting, relationships, health, and life as a modern woman.

With a passion for helping others and over 5 years of blogging expertise, she provides practical tips from real-world experience.


Gabrielle J. Smith, The HR Pro

With a background in human resources, Gabrielle provides insider knowledge on job hunting, resume writing, and career development. Her sound, to-the-point advice has been featured on top sites.

As a working mom of three, she offers real tips that make the hiring process less intimidating.


Lenny Terra, the Passionate Co-Founder

With experience as a life coach, software engineer, and writer, Lenny brings a diverse skillset as a co-founder. He’s dedicated to empowering readers to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Outside of work, Lenny enjoys quality time with his wife and two daughters. Their family lives in Texas with two beloved dogs.


Matthew Mansour, The Self-Help Enthusiast

Having authored over 800 articles, Matthew draws on his experience as a life coach and trainer to provide science-backed advice.

He has an insatiable interest in exploring the human mind and sharing ways we can all unleash our potential. A loving husband and new dad, Matthew is dedicated to helping others thrive.


Sam Goldman – The Startup & Finance Guru

Sam leverages his experience founding startups and coaching entrepreneurs to provide engaging, informative content on business, finance, and self-improvement.

With hundreds of popular articles published, his insights on lifestyle, relationships, and overcoming life’s obstacles help readers immensely.

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