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10 Ways To Know If You’re Dating The Wrong Man

Dating is hard. It’s a lot to ask someone to commit themselves to you, and it can be difficult for them to tell you that they’re dating the wrong man until it’s too late.

This blog post will discuss 10 signs indicating you are with the wrong man. If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, take some time away from each other and figure out if something else is going on or if they are not right for you!

You’re always the one initiating contact.


You’re always the one initiating contact. It can be hard to tell if someone is just shy or not interested, but there are some clear signs that you should look for when it comes to your partner’s interest level in dating you.

If they hardly ever make any effort and seem like they would rather stay home than go out on a date with you, this may show their disinterest in continuing the relationship!

This doesn’t mean you need to break up with them immediately; take time away from each other so both of you can think about what went wrong (if anything) during your last outing together before making any big decisions.

If they are interested in you, getting them excited about making plans with you should be relatively easy. If this is the case, take a look at number two on our list!

You feel like you have to hide your true self from them.

Relationships should be a place where both people can be themselves and share who they are without fear of judgment. If you start feeling the need to change yourself or tone down parts of your personality to be more “palatable” for someone else, this could mean you’re dating the wrong man!

We all must learn how to accept one another because nobody is perfect; everyone has flaws and quirks that make them unique in their own way! If someone truly loves us, they will love our imperfections as well.

This one is tricky because not everyone wants to date someone exactly like them. Many women want a partner that they can learn from and help complement their weaknesses with strengths.

If you feel like your true self is being stifled, it could be because you are dating the wrong man!

7 Signs You May Be With The Wrong Person

They don’t care about your interests, hobbies, or passions.

This is a big one. If they are not interested in getting to know the people you love, caring about your favorite hobby, and don’t have any interest in what makes you happy – this might be someone who isn’t worth eating!

If your partner doesn’t care about something that matters so much to you, it can create conflict where there really shouldn’t be any. This person should want to get close to all of the important people and things in her life.

It goes both ways, though: you should also be interested in their interests, hobbies, and passions. It’s okay to have different things you love or are passionate about; however, ensure your partner is willing to learn more about what makes you happy!

You can’t talk about anything without getting into an argument with them.

There’s a difference between being passionate about something and just plain being argumentative.

If you can’t even have a conversation without arguing with your partner, it might be time to rethink the relationship!


At the same time: if this man does everything they can to avoid conflict and try and resolve any issue for everyone involved to feel comfortable – then there’s no harm in keeping things as is! It takes two people who are willing to work together for a partnership like that to work.  

You always fight about different issues but never get anywhere or make progress on solving them.

If both of you are unwilling to meet halfway or compromise when a problem arises, it means nothing will ever get done until one of you ultimately gives up. This kind of situation isn’t good for anyone involved, no matter how much you might love your boyfriend.

Both people must be willing to meet each other halfway or at least put in some effort when there’s an issue – otherwise, it will always be impossible for the problem(s) to resolve.

Arguments and disagreements are bound to come up every now and then, no matter how great your relationship is.

You shouldn’t feel too bad about fighting with your partner every now and then – it’s completely normal! If you find that things are getting out of control, or the two of you can predict what mood each other will be in before talking to one another, though, there might need to be some changes made. 

You want someone who will consider your thoughts before adding their own – this doesn’t mean they always have to agree but at least listen and understand where each other is coming from instead of nitpicking everything that gets said.

Remember: everyone has different upbringings and experiences that form opinions (and possibly contradict yours), so it’s essential to be open-minded and thoughtful before acting on anything…

Don’t let yourself get drawn in by passion alone; make sure both people healthily interact with one another.

They never compliment you or show appreciation for anything you do.

If your partner never compliments you, supports anything you do, or tries to help out when needed – this is a clear sign that they don’t care about the relationship as much as you do.

It’s hard not to feel unappreciated when our partners don’t even attempt to show us that they care, especially when we go out of our way for them.

You shouldn’t have to feel this way!

A relationship is supposed to be a partnership where both people work together to make the best out of their time together. If your partner doesn’t help you or appreciate what you do, it might be time to change relationships. 

A little bit of praise can go a long way – ensure your partner isn’t neglecting this part of the relationship!

They make fun of everything important to you and try to change who you are.

If your partner makes fun of everything important to you and tries to change who you are – this is a clear sign they don’t see the real value in your relationship.

It can be tough when someone doesn’t understand why something like your religion, political views, or favorite sports team is important. But just because they don’t value the same things that you do doesn’t mean your relationship can’t work!

The opposite situation could also be true: if your partner goes out of their way to show that they love all of the quirky parts about who you are and fully supports everything in your life – this man might be a keeper.

Sometimes it’s hard for our partners to understand exactly how we feel if they haven’t experienced anything similar before. If someone truly loves us, though, they will attempt to learn more about what makes us happy.

You don’t trust them completely (and vice versa).

First, you need to trust each other. Without that rock-solid foundation of mutual respect and trust in your relationship, there’s no way it can even get off the ground. That means if they’re late for a date without calling or have done something shady in the past, you shouldn’t be with them anyway because this is not about being perfect but being real.

You also must learn how much to compromise on so that neither of you feels taken advantage of all the time. This isn’t just about having secrets from each other; this is more than likely an indication that their actions don’t align with their words.


Trust is one of those things that can take years upon years before fully forming between two people.

This means having complete faith in someone else might not happen until after several months or even years of dating – which isn’t necessarily bad! 

Having trust issues doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in this relationship, but it does mean there’s something that needs to change about how the two of you interact with one another.

If your partner has broken promises or lied before, then they might not consider your feelings when making decisions. This can be fixed by learning more about why they did what they did and explaining how their actions made you feel instead of getting mad over them (and possibly breaking up without giving things enough time).

All it takes is one lie to break the trust in a relationship.

And when that happens, everything else will come crumbling down soon enough. Trusting the person you’re with completely, no matter what is essential if you want your relationship to last.

You can’t build a new relationship on lies. If you feel like the man you’re dating is lying to you, then they probably are. And if that’s happening, it means that there are some severe trust issues in your relationship right now, and things won’t get better unless both of you start being more honest with each other.

If someone loves and cares for you: they’ll want to earn back your trust, so keep an open mind during these conversations if possible… And remember: sometimes mistakes happen.

You feel like you’re a parent to your partner.

The best relationships are those where two people can be themselves – and that includes being able to play the part of a kid every once in a while!

If you feel like you constantly have to be the grown-up of your relationship, though: that might not be the right kind of relationship for either one involved!

You want someone responsible enough not to need their handheld all the time, but you also don’t want them so independent that they never ask for help when something’s bothering them.

This balance between independence and interdependence makes communication easier:

It becomes more about listening than lecturing, which means there should always be room for compromise… Or making sure they’re taking care of themselves after a hectic week at work or school. Feeling like you have to take on responsibilities your partner isn’t ready or willing to handle doesn’t make you feel independent. 

Nobody wants to have a relationship where one person is taking care of the other all the time—taking on responsibilities that don’t belong to you or acting as more of a parent than your partner can be damaging for both people involved.

Remember: it’s okay if someone has problems or needs help every now and then, but being in a relationship should never feel like you have to take care of them all the time! 

If you find yourself taking care of them more often than not: it’s time to reevaluate the situation. Everyone should be able to lean on someone at least once in a while, but no one should feel like they’re always carrying the world’s weight! 

The relationship feels like a competition instead of love and support.

You must be your partner’s biggest cheerleader in life, not their competitor.

Competition is only suitable for the bedroom – everyone loves a little healthy competition between the sheets!

But if you feel like competing with your partner for everything else, this relationship likely isn’t meant to last. It means they don’t value what you have to say enough and are more concerned about proving themselves right than learning from their mistakes.

Every relationship goes through rough patches. However, when everything you do is compared to your partner’s achievements or the person they used to be with, it can create a toxic environment that won’t last. It takes two people who are on equal footing and able to cheer each other on (not compete) for both of them to grow together instead of apart.

5 signs you're dating the wrong person

There’s always drama.

If you’re always walking on eggshells, anxious about what might set him off next, or constantly feel like you have to apologize for things that aren’t your fault…you may be with the wrong person.

An argument should never feel like a full-on assault on your character, and if it does, you’re definitely with the wrong man.

We all get defensive or upset when we know we’ve done something hurtful to someone else, but this shouldn’t happen every time there’s an issue in the relationship. Being able to talk about things is crucial for any healthy partnership & if they are constantly lashing out at you instead of taking responsibility for their actions, then that’s not going to be good long term.

If you’re always walking on eggshells, anxious about what might set them off next, or constantly feeling like you have to apologize for things that aren’t your fault, it may be a sign that this is not the right man. The same happens if you’re constantly fighting and breaking up with the person you’re seeing, or there’s always drama when they interact with other people.

This also goes for relationship patterns that are known to be unhealthy. If you’re seeing a pattern of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse in your relationship, getting out as soon as possible is essential.

If there’s any amount of drama or unhealthy behavior going on between the two of you, this is not a good indicator that you should stay with them long-term. Take note and move on from someone who brings more bad than good into your life.


I hope these signs help guide you when figuring out whether or not to end things with the wrong man and find happiness elsewhere. 

Have fun dating around and finding someone perfect for YOU!  Remember, these are just some ways to tell if they might be the wrong man. Everyone has different opinions on what makes a perfect match, so don’t go by our words alone.

Thanks for reading my blog post on how to tell if you’re dating the wrong partner. If there is something I can improve upon in future posts, please let me know in the comments below!