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Opposites Attract: How Opposite Couples Make it Work.

Whether you’re a fan of the old adage “opposites attract” or a proponent of “birds of a feather flock together,” there is no doubt that having opposing personalities can be both beneficial and detrimental to romantic relationships.

For every story about how love conquers all, there are as many tales about couples who couldn’t make it work because they were too different from one another. But what if these differences could strengthen your relationship?

At the end of the day, opposites attract for a reason, according to many relationship experts. Opposites create balance, and if both people share complementary traits, lasting love becomes more attainable. Couples therapists concur that differences between partners promote growth and help each person develop new interests and skills outside the relationship.

Here are 10 ways to make your relationship stronger thanks to opposites:

Opposites attract because they provide balance.

Being different from your partner allows you to be the yin to their yang.


Opposites not only attract but help each other excel by promoting balance in their lives.

If you are the laid-back, easygoing type while your partner is more intense and serious, the chances are that they will be more relaxed when they’re with you.

If you’re a morning person and they’re night owls, they will have to adapt to your schedule, which may influence their routine positively. These acts play a crucial role in creating balance and harmony between two people, which is the basis of any lasting relationship.

Of course, opposites will also bring out the worse in each other at times; partners may feel misunderstood or judged by their significant other, resulting in arguments or misunderstandings. Partners must work to understand one another completely if they want their relationship to last.

To do that, they must recognize each other’s differences and find ways to embrace them. Finding common ground is the key to lasting love. Once you acknowledge your partner’s quirks and embrace their differences, you’ll both feel more fulfilled as a couple. The trick is to learn how to work with those differences and enjoy what each of you has to offer.

People with opposite personalities tend to be more compatible.

People who aren’t alike are less likely to get on each other’s nerves because they have fewer things in common. You probably won’t fight about what channel to watch or where to eat dinner because that’s not something you really care about!

People with opposite personalities — extroverted vs. introverted, organized vs. disorganized — may seem like a perfect match because they have less material to argue about.

Every person has some sort of flaw, even if it’s just that they’re sloppy when they get home from work every single day.

Opposites attract in relationships because these flaws don’t matter as much anymore once both partners become comfortable sharing their innermost truths.  

This level of trust can take time to build up, but it’s worth the wait once you’ve found someone who truly loves you for all your imperfections. You might not even know these flaws about yourself until another person points them out! Sometimes, what you think is a weakness doesn’t bother your partner because they understand that everyone has something about themselves that they don’t like. 

If there were ever an ideal relationship where everything went perfectly each day, it wouldn’t last very long. Things only get interesting when both partners learn how to make compromises with one another and keep things fresh in the bedroom (or wherever else the mood strikes).    

Opposites attract because opposites complete each other.

Opposite personalities tend to attract because each person provides something that the other lacks. For example, an extroverted partner may provide emotional support and stability, while the introverted partner contributes spontaneity and creativity.

This is why opposites usually make great friends — they can teach each other new things about themselves and encourage development in areas that might otherwise go underdeveloped or undiscovered.

Couples with different personalities create the illusion that each partner is a better half of a whole.

It’s as if each person brings something unique to the relationship, making it stronger and more stable over time. People with opposite personalities often feel they’ve found their true match because their significant other completes them in ways no one else could. When you meet someone who seems to be your perfect match, it’s easy to see why these feelings of completion occur.

You may even feel envious of your partner’s personality at times because they seem so perfect! That conflict is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Opposites attract because they add spice to the relationship.

People with opposite personalities provide an extra spark in their relationships, which keeps things exciting and fun! You never know what excitement each day will bring when you’re in a relationship with someone who lives life in a totally different way from you.

spice relationship

Even if two people have a lot in common, that still doesn’t guarantee they’ll be happy together because it’s easy for life to get boring when you’re with someone who has similar interests and personality traits as yours.

Opposites attract because the more different a person is from you, the more life experiences you’ll experience together.

Doing things together can get old quickly if both partners like the same activities and share similar interests and hobbies. Successful relationships require some element of surprise and spontaneity; thinking out of the box is necessary to keep up the excitement.

People who are opposites of each other bring new experiences into the relationship that wouldn’t otherwise be there if they were with someone more similar to them.

Varied interests provide never-ending conversation topics and adventures together. Even when there’s nothing physical to do in the relationship, talking with your partner is always an adventure! 

Opposite couples will never experience complacency or repetition, common among like-minded partners who share similar tastes, interests, and opinions. 

Opposites attract because these relationships end up teaching everyone something new.

Opposites in personality help each person learn new things about themselves in the relationship. When two people come together who are different somehow, they force each other to grow and adapt because they have little choice if they want to get along with their significant other.

It may seem difficult or annoying at first, but these differences benefit both people over time by providing a fresh perspective on life. There’s no sense living your life going through the same old things and not learning anything new! People who are too similar to you will only make you more complacent.

Opposites in personality create a space for each person to grow through their relationship, which is good for both partners because it expands the number of things they can enjoy in life.

Successful relationships require that everyone involved has room to develop as an individual over time.

You can’t be your best self if you’re overly complacent, so it’s essential to continue learning something new about yourself and the world around you. People with opposite personalities can teach each other valuable lessons about themselves, which makes them well-suited to be in happy, healthy relationships. Opposites often attract in relationships, but this is especially true when they stay together long enough to make those connections meaningful.

When you find someone opposite to you, it can be hard to connect at first.

You may even feel like there’s no way you could ever get along with such a different person from yourself. It takes time for these differences between partners to start benefiting each other. If the relationship lasts, though, both people will eventually start learning a lot about each other and the world around them through their interactions over time.  Some differences arise naturally as time goes on because life experiences change all of us over time, whether we like it or not.

Opposites attract because they learn how to resolve conflict.

Opposites in personality usually communicate differently, which can lead to conflict. This dynamic may be frustrating at first, but both partners will eventually learn how to handle these differences if their personalities are different enough from each other.

There are healthy ways to resolve conflict when you have nothing in common with your partner.

They can be an entirely different species, and you’ll still find a way to enjoy life together! 

resolve conflict

Both people in the relationship need to put in the effort because it takes time to adjust to the other person’s ways of communicating, especially during arguments or disagreements.

If they want the relationship to last, there’s an opportunity for both partners to adapt their communication styles while learning about themselves along the way. 

Opposites can teach each other how to find common ground and resolve conflict peacefully.

Striking a balance between two opposite people is necessary for successful relationships because it takes both of them to work together to make things work.

When they don’t learn to resolve their differences, the relationship falls apart. Couples who are too similar to each other will have an easy time finding common ground in their communication styles, but they could also grow stagnant over time.

Opposites attract in relationships because each person can see how the other approaches life differently.

It can be challenging when you’re used to doing things a certain way when your significant other wants to do things differently. You might even feel like they are judging you for what you are accustomed to because that’s precisely what happens in these situations!

It takes time for both people in the relationship to learn about their differences and how they can navigate them together without causing too much stress. The only way to resolve these conflicts is by compromising with one another through effective communication strategies that work well for both of you.

Opposites can provide perspective and new insights.

A relationship with someone who is your opposite can help broaden your mind.

They will be able to teach you things about yourself that you might not have known before meeting them, which is possible because you see life from two different perspectives

The more different someone’s personality is from yours, the better chance they can learn new things about the world around them.

The key here is flexibility and patience while you’re figuring out how to grow individually. Sometimes, it isn’t about the journey of growing together but the transition from being one way to someone else noticing that you’ve grown in a different direction. 

It’s a fact that people who are different from you bring new ideas to the table.

Opposites attract in relationships because two people can show each other what it’s like to think outside their comfort zone.

Both partners may start appreciating life through one another. It can come as a surprise how much insight your partner brings to your relationship, which is another reason why opposites attract so strongly. 

Taking time with someone to see things from a different perspective can provide insights worth learning about!

When couples grow closer over time, they learn a lot more about themselves and make an effort to continue changing themselves for the better, even after they’ve been together long enough for those initial sparks to die out.

Learning about how other people live their lives or what they are passionate about gives you a whole new perspective on things. It’s one of the reasons why listening to someone else’s opinion is so important because you never know what kind of lesson you might learn through it! 

Opposites attract because they form a strong bond early on in the relationship.

strong bond

It’s the initial courtship process that brings couples together over time.

When you are dating someone totally different from yourself, your differences can bond both of you together because it feels like an adventure to explore something new with each other. Dating someone significantly different from you makes a solid first impression because it’s hard not to be surprised by their perspective on things or how they go about doing them!

You don’t get to know someone deeply if you’re not willing to explore new things outside of your comfort zone with them, and your partner will feel the same way too.

People who are different from each other bring out opposing experiences, which allow for fresh perspectives and opportunities to grow closer while you learn more about one another.  

The beginning stages of every relationship are where you learn about one another, and opposites attract because they want to know how their partner thinks in ways they haven’t before.  

Opposites attract because they are usually imperfect.

You should be with someone you can see yourself being imperfect around because that’s when you truly experience love in its purest form.

They’re not perfect, and neither are you, but the imperfections you both bring to the table can be part of what makes your relationship so unique. 

Being with your opposite makes it easier to bring out those imperfections in each other’s personalities.

We all have our own little quirks that we hope others will love us for, but it’s a lot easier if you’re dating someone different from you because their differences can give you a new perspective on those imperfections

When relationships are healthy and thriving, couples make an effort to learn about their partner as much as possible. It’s a constant learning process that can be beneficial to both partners!

People who are different from each other are imperfect, making them more relatable and easier to understand what makes them tick as individuals. Dating someone who has good qualities but also needs to work on their faults forces both parties to work toward becoming better persons over time. 

This is because both parties want to grow closer together through these challenges and struggles they face as a couple.

Being with someone with major flaws can be frustrating, but it’s also relieving because you’re not the only one!

It helps you see that no one is perfect and that you can still try your hardest to make things work no matter how many problems arise. 

People who are different from each other don’t have the same expectations, which makes them more willing to accept their loved ones for all of their blunders and mishaps along the way.  

Opposites create tension that can lead to more satisfying sexual experiences.

Some people grow tired of always knowing exactly what to expect in a relationship with someone very similar to themselves, which is why opposites are attractive.

This type of tension can often lead to other benefits, like heightened sexual experiences and overall emotional experiences. Sex between two people with strong opinions is likely to be passionate and exciting because their personalities are entirely different from one another’s.

They’re not just physically attracted to each other but mentally attracted as well because there’s a thrill that comes along with the unpredictability of being intimate with someone who has nothing in common with you.


People are drawn to each other based on their differences, not their similarities, so whatever new things you learn about yourself when you’re with this person will inevitably shape how you view yourself and others in the future. 

It’s hard to come across people who really get you and your thoughts on life and exactly how they feel about complicated issues that we deal with today.  But while opposites may not last forever, the experiences they share will stay with them as they grow and change as separate individuals.

Opposites don’t always attract, but it’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold when they do.  

What do you think? Is your partner very different from you? How have those differences helped or hindered your relationship? Comment below!