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Top 10 Youtube Channels For Kids (3-4 years)

The web is full of online content, some good and some not so good. So in this article, we list out the best Youtube Channels for kids that offer safe videos for toddlers and infants. Most of these channels are also educational, so it’s a win-win situation! These channels use many colorful, educational videos to teach kids about animals, their habitats, the letters, the colors, etc. These videos are pretty engaging for parents as well.

Here is a list of the top 10 Youtube Channels for kids available.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a channel where you can watch popular kids’ shows on several different devices for free. They have several cartoon characters that kids learn well, such as Daniel Tiger, Peg + Cat, Odd Squad, and more. There are also episodes of Curious George, Super WHY!, and Wild Kratts, with a few videos, added each week, especially for your kids to enjoy over and over again. All these cartoons are fun ideas to explore the world around us as your kids develop their creativity and imagination.


Blippi’s youtube channel is aimed at toddlers and young children to educate them. Blippi is an actor, musician, and entertainer that provides youtube videos for kids. Blippi is a cute, talking “blob” that loves to play in the park. Blippi always finds new and fun ways to learn about colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc. through songs and interactive activities. Learning never seemed so fun with Blippi’s youtube channel! Blippi also shares some of the most amazing things he has learned from certain places.

Blippi’s youtube channel has been steadily growing in popularity with young kids and toddlers. Blippi has over 13 million subscribers. Blippi’s videos have been watched over 10 billion times, making the channel popular with children all over the world and especially younger ones due to his excellent understanding of how to connect with them and entertain them at the same time. Blippi is certainly a unique idea when it comes to educating children through fun songs and activities that they absolutely love.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street youtube channel is aimed at preschoolers and young children. Sesame Street is an American educational children’s television series that combines live-action, sketch comedy, animation, and puppetry. The show has been running since 1969 on multiple channels for kids but is aired primarily on PBS Kids. The show is well-known for teaching children their colors and numbers through fun songs. Sesame Street also does a lot of characters with educational videos, helping toddlers and young kids to learn more about things they might not be familiar with, such as autism awareness and how to handle everyday life.

Steve and Maggie

Steve and Maggie’s youtube channel is aimed at young kids. Steve and Maggie’s channel was launched in 2014. The daily videos are created for preschoolers and young children to help them learn about different things in life, such as colors, numbers, shapes, letters, etc. They also provide kids with a lot of fun activities that they can do through the use of their imagination, such as playing games and singing songs. Their main goal is to help young kids learn as much as they can from the videos and activities they provide.


The Alphablocks are a group of 26 living letters that find that when they join their hands to form a word, something wonderful happens. It’s a lot of fun with words, adventures, music, and silliness – all based on a solid foundation of fundamental phonics abilities. Alphablocks’ youtube channel is aimed at toddlers and young children. Alphablocks teaches kids how to spell, read, learn the alphabet, and so much more through fun songs and games (that are super easy to play!).

Masha and The Bear 

“Masha and The Bear” is aimed at young kids. Masha and The Bear is not an educational channel, but it still has a lot of great videos for toddlers and younger children to help them learn lessons such as sharing, saying “please,” “thank you”, etc. It also focuses a lot on imagination and creativity. They have several cute characters, such as Masha, the main character of the show, The Bear, and friends who all have different interesting personalities and love to play games and do fun activities.

Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum is a youtube channel that focuses primarily on children’s nursery rhymes and kids’ songs. Founded in 2011, it quickly became popular among both parents and toddlers. And they seemingly have good reason to do so, too: The channel provides a simple way to entertain their kids with educational videos that use bright colors and familiar melodies.

Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs is a YouTube channel that features simple songs for children to sing and dance to. With more than 30 billion views, it is among the most popular choices for parents and children everywhere. Videos from the channel are often used in homeschooling lessons as well, so there’s no surprise that you might consider it a trusted, family-friendly channel for kids.

Netflix Jr.

In Netflix Jr., kids can learn, sing and play with their favorite Netflix characters, from StoryBots to Super Monsters and everyone in between. Watch as their favorite characters come to life in stories, songs, and games that help kids learn how to read.

Diana and Roma

Kids Diana Show is a YouTube channel devoted to a young lady named Diana. She focuses on her and her brother Roma’s playtime excursions (with the aid of her parents, Elena and Vlad). Sometimes the kids will get into pretend arguments and start crying at each other…and then make up after an apology from one side or another.