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Which of These 10 Types of Couples Are You?

Today’s article takes a look at ten types of couples you may encounter in the wild. Everyone knows one or two of these combos, so let’s see if we can figure out which kind you are!

The Over-Reactors.

Over react

You know these people: they go to a movie, and the girl’s crying in the theater, or he gets food on his shirt at lunch and starts freaking out. These people aren’t just high-strung — they’re over the top and loud about it. People get embarrassed for them because you can tell they’re attention-seeking and don’t know when to stop.

This kind of couple over-reacts to everything. They can’t watch a romantic comedy because it’s “too mushy”, and the husband hates every kind of food she makes for dinner. Every time you see them, they’re tearing their hair out over something or another.

Her: He’s going to hate the movie! I knew it!

Him:  I knew she was gonna make me eat broccoli again. This is the worst day of my life!

Does this sound like your idea of fun? If so, you’re a part of the over-reactor couple!

The Icebergs.

You know these people: they may be smiling and talking to you, but they’re not really paying attention. You can tell that their minds are elsewhere, like on a problem at work or with the family.

They appear normal, like everyone else. They laugh at your jokes and smile when you talk, but it’s all fake — their mind is somewhere else! People who don’t know them can get confused about why they act this way.

These people have problems going on in their life that they’re thinking about constantly. While Icebergs may seem distant or out of touch, it’s usually because they don’t want other people feeling sorry for them.

Her: Do you think this outfit is OK to wear?

Him: I need to buy some new shoes.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re an iceberg!

The Overcompensators.

You know these people: they go to a party and spend the whole time bragging about how great their job is and all the places they’ve traveled. They can’t stop talking, and everyone’s quickly getting tired of listening to them.

You don’t have anything against these people — you think it’s sad that they don’t know what else to do! These people are so insecure that they need to overcompensate for their insecurities by acting as cool as possible.

These kinds of people aren’t happy with who or where they are — but it doesn’t matter because no one cares about their stories, anyway! Their life is filled with big dreams and nothing more; once someone realizes this, it’s like watching a balloon deflate.

Her: This wine is only $250 a bottle.

Him:  I’m definitely going to win Employee of the Month.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re one of the overcompensators!

The Venters.

You know these people: they get stuck in traffic and start screaming at other drivers, or their girlfriend leaves them, and they cry on your shoulder. These people never hold anything back — if they’re upset about something, everyone knows it! They don’t care who sees or hears them yelling or sobbing; all that matters is getting everything out into the open.

This kind of couple can be frustrating because, while you understand why they feel the way they do, you wish they would hold it together until the timing was right. Venters may seem overly dramatic, but it’s usually because they think that something terrible will happen if they bottle everything up!

Her: I’m gonna kill him!

Him: I can’t believe she did this to me!

Do these people sound familiar? If so, you’re a Venter!

The Negative Nancys.

You know these people: they can’t seem to do anything without being miserable about it. They always have something negative to say, even when someone’s complimenting them. If you ask if their day was good, they’ll give you a hundred reasons it wasn’t.


Negative Nancys always have a problem with something about the world around them, and they want everyone to hear about it! You could tell them that you just won a million dollars, and they’d still complain that there should be more money going towards saving animals at the zoo.

These people spend so much time thinking about what’s wrong with the world that they never stop to think about what could be right with it! They make everything sound like such a bad time; next time, try inviting them places because maybe (just maybe) their attitude will change when they see how fun things can be!

They’re pessimistic and negative about everything from getting stuck in traffic to the President making a speech on TV. These people can’t find anything good in life because they always focus on the bad things. They never look at the bright side of anything, even when something great happens!

Everyone gets bummed out about things every now and then, but it’s different with this kind of couple — all their conversations revolve around how bad everything is. It doesn’t matter what kind of day they’ve had or how good a time they’ve been having; if there’s something wrong, it’s all anyone will hear about!

Her: This is the worst party ever.

Him: Do you smell that? There’s something wrong with the air conditioning.

Do these people sound familiar? If so, you’re a Negative Nancy!

The Wide-Eyed Boy and Girl.

You know these people: he sits across from her at lunch, looking into her eyes with a dopey smile. She leans forward when they talk, smiling and laughing too loud at his every joke. It looks like they’re on a date — but they aren’t! They’ve been married 20 years!

Every time these people get together, it’s the same thing: they look like they’re falling in love all over again. They can’t stop smiling, and their conversation always revolves around how great the other person is. These people are so totally wrapped up in each other that when they separate after a date, you can almost see them floating out the door!

This kind of couple makes it easy to believe that love exists, and if you see them together all the time, you wonder how they can still be so happy after so many years. When you’re around them, you get a warm and fuzzy feeling — even when they start talking about how expensive gas is getting!

Her: Did I tell you I love you today?

Him: You don’t have to! I know you do.

Do these people sound familiar? If so, you’re a Wide-Eyed Boy and Girl!

The Jealous Types.

You know these people: she won’t let him out of her sight. He’s always touching her or giving her hugs when he sees his friends, much to their chagrin. They have this way of glancing at each other, communicating without saying one word about what they’re thinking.

These people are so affectionate with each other that it makes you wonder why they don’t just go ahead and get married! You can tell by how they look at each other that they make each other happy, but there’s also something a little sad in the air because these two are jealous about everything!

If she goes out to lunch with another woman, he gets angry; if he spends too long talking to the opposite sex, she takes offense. It seems like no matter where either of them goes, the other one is watching and waiting for a slip-up. It seems exhausting to be this jealous all the time, but these two can’t help themselves!

They make it sound like they have the most passionate relationship in the whole world because their kisses are so heated, and their hands linger when they touch. But isn’t it hard to get close to someone you’re always suspicious of?

Her: Sorry I’m late — traffic was crazy on the freeway.

Him: You talked to that guy for ten minutes. You were late on purpose!

Do these people sound familiar? If so, you’re a Jealous Type!

The Selfish Types.

You know these people: they drain the life out of you. These two are so wrapped up in themselves that they make you wonder why they have a relationship in the first place!

You only see them together when they’re fighting about something, which makes you want to stay away from these two. They don’t care about anyone, but themselves and everything always revolve around what they want or need. You can tell that their whole relationship is based on “me” and “my.”

When they talk about how much it sucks living with each other (which is pretty often), you wonder if this relationship will last another day, let alone years. But sometimes, even relationships like this work out; after all, there’s no accounting for taste!

Her:  I just want some time to myself.

Him: Yeah, I know. We spend every night together, and it’s starting to get old for me too.

Do these people sound familiar? If so, you’re the Selfish Types!

The Baggage Holders.


You know these people: they always complain about their exes. You can tell that these two have been through a lot together, and it’s clear that the relationship didn’t end well. But despite all of this, they still haven’t let go and seem to be hanging on to all those hurts and pains from the past — and dragging them into the present as well!

These two might feel like they’re moving forward with their lives, but it’s evident that some part of them is stuck in “the way things used to be” (and probably always will be). They sometimes wonder why they can never recapture what they once had because now everything is completely different. Their fights are often over the same thing — the person who walked out the door and didn’t come back.

Her: I can’t believe he cheated on me!

Him: I can’t believe she got rid of all my stuff!

Do these people sound familiar? If so, you’re the Baggage Holders!

The Emotional Wreck.

You know these people: they’re emotional wrecks. You can tell that this person is all over the place emotionally. They go from being elated to deeply depressed without any warning whatsoever.

Their feelings are written all over their faces, and it’s apparent that they don’t have much control over what they feel… or how quickly it changes. These two might say that everything is fine, but you know it’s not true! Sometimes one of them gets mad at themselves for losing their temper so quickly, but then other times, both get angry at the other person for no reason at all!

These two might be getting help if it weren’t for the fact that they’d rather stay in an unhealthy relationship than face the real world on their own. Neither of them trusts themselves, and it seems like they don’t trust each other either!

Her: I’m so mad at myself right now — I know we had a plan, but…

Him: What the hell is wrong with you? We can talk about this later!

Do these people sound familiar? If so, you’re the Emotional Wreck!


There are several types of couples, and each one has its own set of challenges. Read this blog post to find out which type you fall into! We must know what kind of couple we are to understand better how our partner thinks, behaves, and responds in a relationship.

This might be difficult for some people to read because you may not like what you see! But it helps to know so that you can deal with your relationship appropriately.

What type of couple are you? Let us know in the comments below!