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Fascinating Documentaries Every Pet Lover Needs to Watch!

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, there’s no question that pets have a special place in our lives. They provide us with companionship, love, and countless memories. And if you’re a pet lover, there’s nothing quite like settling in for a good documentary about animals. Here are 10 documentaries every pet lover needs to watch. Enjoy!

Life in the Dog House.

Danny and Ron’s story is one of kindness, compassion, and courage. They have saved more than eleven thousand abuse-filled dogs from being put down just a moment before they were going to be euthanized or given away for free because no one wanted them anymore–and now those same qualities that made people want to throw these animals out with the trash also make their human family members appreciate how much love there really can still be in this world!

The feature documentary showcases their unique approach to dog rescue & adoption while entertaining, educating, and inspiring millions to make the right choices for animal adoption, care, and safety.

From transporting dogs across the country to finding foster homes for them, the film provides an intimate look at the day-to-day workings of a dog rescue operation. While the film does have its share of heartwarming moments, it also doesn’t shy away from showing the challenges of living in close quarters with dozens of dogs. Overall, “Life in the Dog House” is a must-see for any pet lover.

Pick of the Litter.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn a cute little puppy into a well-trained guide dog? “Pick of the Litter” follows a litter of Golden Retriever puppies from birth through their first year as they undergo rigorous training to become guide dogs for the blind.

The film follows the litter of pups as they go through the Guide Dogs for the Blind training program in San Rafael, California. The dogs live with their puppy raisers for about a year before starting their formal training. From there, it’s a grueling process of learning commands and passing tests, all while being evaluated for their potential as guide dogs.

Only the best of the best make it through to become fully-fledged guide dogs, and “Pick of the Litter” does an excellent job of showing just how much work goes into training these amazing animals. If you’re a pet lover, this is a must-watch.

Kedi (2016)

Kedi is a 2016 Turkish documentary film about the street cats of Istanbul. The film was directed by Ceyda Torun and produced by İnan and Erman Timuçin. It features footage of several cats living in Istanbul and interviews with some of the people who care for them.

The film offers a unique glimpse into the special relationship between humans and cats and the important role that cats play in the city. Throughout the film, we see the cats hunting for food, playing with each other, and being loved and cared for by the people around them.

Kedi was a critical and commercial success. It received positive reviews from critics, praising its cinematography and focusing on the cats themselves.

Many compared it favorably to other recent documentaries about animals, such as The Cove and Blackfish. Kedi is a heartwarming and charming film that will give you a new appreciation for our feline friends. It is a must-watch for animal lovers and anyone who enjoys a good documentary.

Pet fooled.

Commercial pet food is not subject to any form of regulation, and many times it’s made up of low-quality ingredients, which can be harmful to our furry friends.

In this short film, you’ll learn about the lack of oversight in commercial pet foods as well as what nutritional requirements cats or dogs actually have compared with their typical diet regime – all from an inside look at one company that manufactures these unhealthy meals!

The film also discusses the nutritional needs of cats and dogs and how most commercially-available pet foods do not meet these requirements.

Overall, “Pet Fooled” is a must-watch for any pet owner who wants to learn more about the pet food industry and what they can do to ensure their pets are getting the best possible nutrition.

Furever (2013)

The documentary film “The Other Side of Grief” explores what it is like to lose a pet. It depicts the sociological evolution in America regarding pets and their place within families, as well as how this change has affected those involved with death care services such as veterinarians or psychologists who work closely each day until there’s no more need for them because all feel about our furry friends can now be put into context by looking at cremains instead!

Furever examines modern trends, viewpoints, and related cultural assumptions about attachment, religion, ritual, mourning, and death, as well as analyzes the psychological and physiological relationships that exist between people and animals.

Dogs & us.

How have dogs changed since they were first domesticated? Why are they still such an important part of our lives today? These are some of the questions that “Dogs & Us” sets out to answer.

The film looks at the history of dogs and their evolution, as well as the various roles that they play in our lives today. It also explores the special bond that humans and dogs share and how this bond has evolved over time.

“Dogs & Us” is a must-watch for anyone who loves dogs or is interested in learning more about them. It’s an informative and fascinating film that will leave you with a greater appreciation for our furry friends.

Cat People.

This Interesting Documentary tells the stories of some of the most remarkable and surprising “cat people” in the world, defying negative stereotypes while revealing the truth of what it means to love such fiercely independent creatures.

From a Russian woman who has given her life to caring for the world’s largest collection of stray cats to an American man who has chosen to live as a “cat person” himself, “Cat People” offers a unique and fascinating look at the lives of those who have dedicated their lives to these creatures.

Whether you’re a cat lover yourself or simply curious about these often-misunderstood animals, “Cat People” is a must-watch.

Parrots: Majestic Birds 

The Australian continent has been home for tens of millions of years to some tough birds.

The golden-shouldered Parrot is one such species that live in the outback and faces threats from human activity, but they’ve adapted well enough over time so far not being affected too much by these changes while still thriving there as their predecessors did before them when Australia was just an exotic land filled with animal life unlike anything else on Earth at this point.

Parrots are Australia’s hardest surviving, and they’re certain it’s the most beautiful. They’re clever, resourceful, opportunistic, and resilient.

We keep them in cages and give them a variety of toys, but their natural state is one where they can find food through instinct alone. We feed the birds seeds from pet stores when really all it takes to get happy are some bugs or other insects that daddy Longlegs might be eating!

Even though these feathered friends live wild lives surrounded by beauty – without our intervention-they have turned out quite differently than what would’ve been expected due solely to how much time we spend interacting with then

This documentary looks at the amazing world of parrots in Australia and the people who love them.

The Domestic Rabbit.

A new documentary created by Anne Billingsley, a recent graduate from the Centre for Art and Technology in Kelowna, B.C., sheds light on how rabbits are misunderstood and abandoned.

The number of abandoned bunnies in Kelowna is staggering. The city has seen thousands running free around its streets, left either because their owners found them too much work or they could no longer care for them due to other commitments such as animal-friendly jobs outside the home that require lots of exercise. If left alone to roam the house, they can cause trouble, like chewing through wires.

Now more than 200 abandoned bunnies call Lake Country’s Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary home. The not-for-profit takes in bunnies with nowhere else to go, gets them spayed or neutered, and provides any other medical attention required to save their little lives.

Beyond the Myth.

This film will change your perspective on pit bulls forever! You may think they’re all lazy, aggressive dogs but it’s not true. The truth about this breed is much more complicated than what you see in the media or hear from people who haven’t spent any time with them before speaking up

Abandoning banishing myths, Beyond The Myth shows us how wonderful companion pets these tough yet gentle animals can be when given love and care–helping make our world better and one step closer to harmonious living through animal adoption

Beyond the Myth explores the contributing factors behind people’s generalized fear of “pit bulls” and examines how they are affected by breed discriminatory laws in three cities – Denver, Miami-and Cincinnati. It also looks at San Francisco, which requires that all dogs be spayed or neutered when owned accordingly;


Here are just a few of the must-see documentaries for pet lovers. These docs offer an intimate and fascinating look at the lives of those who have dedicated their lives to these creatures, as well as the animals themselves. From the beauty and tenacity of parrots to the misunderstood world of pit bulls, these docs are sure to educate and entertain. So curl up with your furry (or feathery) friend and enjoy!