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10 Super Easy Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Do your kids get bored of activities quickly? Do you find yourself searching for new activities to keep them entertained? Well, we have compiled a list of the top 10 activities your child can do indoors. Whether it is rainy outside or too cold for the kids to play outside, they will enjoy these activities.

The activities in this list are perfect for children of all ages. This is a great way to keep your kids entertained and active while learning new skills, such as drawing or building model cars. The activities also help them learn about science and logic, which helps develop their mind and expand their imagination. Some activities can be done with friends or siblings too!

Depending on the activity, these projects may take a few hours to complete, but we guarantee that they will have fun doing them! You may even want to try some of these activities yourself because they’re so much fun! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Board games.

board games

Kids love board games! They can have hours of fun playing together with their friends or siblings. To add to the excitement, you can make activities such as Monopoly more interesting by making it a competition and giving out rewards for winning. This is sure to keep them engaged in the game longer than usual.

Board Games also help kids develop various skills like hand-eye coordination, sequencing abilities, and logic skills when they play different kinds of board games that require strategic thinking. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your child their favorite board game today!

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Homemade playdough.

Corn starch, conditioner, and food coloring are the only ingredients you need to make your own homemade playdough. It is easy to do! All you need to do is mix cornstarch with conditioner and food coloring. You can also add different scents for added fun, such as coconut or strawberries!

Making this yourself will save money since most kids go through these activities quickly. Your child may even want to get their siblings involved, too, so that they can all have their own customized colors and scents! They’ll love it because not only does it keep them entertained, but it also stimulates creativity and imagination while keeping them busy for hours on end.

Building a fort.

Who doesn’t like building forts? Most kids love activities such as this because it allows them to use their imagination and creativity. They can imagine that they are in another place or time while staying busy all day with activities such as these!

Not only will your child have fun doing so, but they may even want you to join them too! It is safe and easy to do, and the materials needed are very cheap. This activity requires no preparation at all since everything needed is readily available inside the house. Kids also learn how to follow instructions easily when they play activities such as these.

Drawing activities.


When kids use their imagination while drawing, they exercise both sides of the brain! This allows them to express themselves in any way through pictures or words. It is an excellent outlet for children since they can be creative, and it helps develop self-confidence.

You can also encourage your child to draw on their own by giving out rewards once they finish a specific task, such as completing an entire picture without asking for help from you or anyone else around them.

Aside from that, kids can do different drawing activities, including coloring books, making puppets using paper plates and markers, creating t-shirt designs, fabric paints, etc.

Make a movie.

Kids love to play pretend, so you should make a movie with them! You only need a video camera (or smartphone), willing kids, and an exciting plot. You can even write the script together if you want to get them involved! They will have so much fun acting out their roles that they won’t notice how long it takes for them to finish filming the movie.

This activity sparks your kid’s imagination while giving them some practice with technology too. Even though this job requires some gear (for example, a video camera/smartphone), we assure you that it will be well worth it in the end since you’ll have all of your memories from production time, as well as the completed masterpiece!

Bubble activities.

Bubbles also provide many benefits to kids! These activities can help develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination since they require kids to focus on making bubbles and catching them with the bubble wand or a straw. You can make your own DIY bubble solution by mixing water and dish detergent, baby shampoo, or hair conditioner. You can put food coloring in it, too, if you want some color.

Reading Books.


Kids also love reading books! This activity has many benefits, and it can become a habit for your child. They can learn about different kinds of topics, expand their imagination, build vocabulary skills, develop language abilities, and much more by simply spending some time each day reading.

It is fun, too, because kids will be able to relate to the characters from stories such as The Three Little Pigs or The Ugly Duckling since we all know how children like things that have happy endings! Plus, activities such as this are great for bedtime!

Make Cookies With Your Kids.

Kids love activities that let them bake or cook! This is a great activity for bonding with your child. You can make the dough together and then have them help you choose cookie cutters, spread the dough out on the baking sheet, put it in the oven (after preheating), etc.

It is also a fun activity when you make use of different cookie cutters and have your child create all kinds of shapes, such as butterflies, hearts, or stars. You can even do activities like these by using cupcake molds! It also allows kids to learn about measurements and follow instructions.


Children also love activities such as these because they are fun and challenging! Puzzles help expand kids’ knowledge of shapes, colors, numbers, animals, etc. Children can familiarize themselves with different items through jigsaw puzzles. This will help them recognize images or words that might be difficult to read otherwise. It also teaches children planning skills by following instructions on how many pieces the puzzle should consist of before starting it. This teaches your child patience while learning responsibility too!

Building Lego structures / Nesting blocks.

There are many things you can do with Legos. Your kids can make a lot of cool things. They may form sculptures with them and follow steps to make models like buildings, automobiles, or creatures and even create something larger, an entire city!

For older kids who love activities involving building things, some kits allow them to design their own plane or car, requiring more advanced skills to correctly put together all the pieces. It is an excellent activity for kids because it allows their creativity and imagination to flow while keeping them busy all day!


The best Indoor activities for children are the ones that take advantage of their natural curiosity and love to explore. And, with these indoor games ideas in hand, you’ll be able to find something fun for your child—no matter what mood they’re in or how much time you have! We hope this article has given you some ideas for activities that your children can enjoy. It’s important to stay active and keep the kids entertained even when it’s cold outside!