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10 Ways to Have a Dog-Friendly Home

Dogs are the best. We all know that. But sometimes, living with a dog can be a little challenging, especially if your home isn’t particularly dog-friendly. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of ten ways to make your home more accommodating to your furry friend. From installing a Dog TV station to creating special places for them to sleep, we’ve got you covered! So read on and get ready to make your home pup paradise!

Create an outdoor space where your dog can play safely.

Create an outdoor space where your dog can play safely

Dogs love to play, but your pet might not be allowed to go bounding off into the nearest yard. Luckily, there are many ways you can create a safe space for your pup to enjoy the great outdoors at home. Remove hazards before they become dangerous, and set up different play spaces in your outdoor area.

Keep an eye out for any hazards when creating a safe space for your pup to play. Ensure there isn’t anything that could potentially be harmful in the yard, and remove potential choking hazards before you let them run around freely. Whether your dog likes to dig, chew or just romp around, they’ll need a play space that’s just for them!

Install a dog door, so your furry friend can come and go!

We all love coming and going as we please, but your pup might not be able to make use of that door quite yet! If your home doesn’t have one or you don’t want to put a whole new door in, we’ve got another option: a pet door that can attach to almost any existing entry. This way, your dog can come and go without destroying your home!

A dog door is a perfect way to give your pup free rein in the house while still ensuring your home stays safe and secure. They can come and go anytime they want, allowing you a little more freedom to decide when it’s time for a walk. Our pets are a big part of our family, so it only makes sense to make them a part of our home too.

Create a designated place where your dog can sleep.

When it comes to sleeping, dogs are pretty simple creatures. They like a nice comfortable place to rest their head, so why not create an area where they have their very own bed? Whether you have a small or large dog, you can find a bed that’s just the right size.

Dogs love their creature comforts, and your dog is no exception! If they have a little bit of privacy, we bet they’ll feel snuggled up and at home in no time. Finding the perfect bed for your pup will help them sleep soundly through the night and give them a safe and comfortable place to rest when they’re in your home.

You can design a bed for any size or shape of the dog. From pups who like to curl up small to big dogs who need room to stretch out, we’ve got you (and your pup) covered. Not sure which type is right for your pup? No problem! We’ll help you find the perfect bed to give your dog that extra bit of comfort they crave.

Create a feeding area where your dog can dine in style.

Your dog might not be able to make use of your table, but they do deserve somewhere nice to eat, don’t they? You can create a dining area with a designated feeding station and placemat for your pup so that they can chow down in style.

Dogs like to eat at the same time as their owners, and that’s totally fine! If you don’t already have a place where your pup eats, it’s never too soon to start. 

Invest in a few pieces of furniture that are pet-friendly.

pet furniture

Investing in some pet-friendly furniture is a great way to give your pup just a little bit of what they’re used to without disrupting your home decor. Your puppy will feel right at home with their cupboard or kennel, so they won’t have to eat out of a boring old bowl all the time!

Dogs are members of our families, so why not let them enjoy some added perks of homeownership too? We’re sure that your pup will be happy with its very own designated space, and you’ll get just a bit more room for yourself in the process.

Keep plenty of toys around for your dog to play with!

Dogs need something to play with, especially when they’re all cooped up inside. Even if you don’t have a designated place for your pup to play outside, there are plenty of fun things they can do around the house!

Don’t underestimate what dogs can do with their surroundings! Your pet might want to chew on everything, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play with some toys, too. Even the smallest dogs will enjoy a new toy to add to their collection!

Your dog will love playing with all sorts of fun toys around your home, so get creative and find something nice for them to play with while you relax or do chores. Whether they like chewing or playing tug of war, you’ll find something they can use to keep them entertained all day!

Hang a few pet-themed paintings or photographs on the walls.

If you’re a dog lover, there’s no need to hide your furry friend from the world! If you want to decorate with pet-themed art, photos, or paintings, then feel free! Whether you hang them on the wall or just keep them out as decorations, your pup will love seeing their portrait around the house.

Of course, you can choose to keep your dogs out of any photos you display, but we think they deserve the full attention too. Letting your pup star in their very own portrait is a great conversation starter or just an added touch of decoration for your walls. Your dog will love seeing their portrait hung up around the house, so get creative!

Invest in a scratching post to keep their nails healthy and trim.

If you’re not sure what to do with your pup’s nails, this is the perfect solution. Using a scratching post can help keep their nails healthy by exercising them out through climbing and sharpening their claws on it instead of your furniture! Everything here will be easily accessible, so they can get up, stretch, and have fun all day long.

You can find scratching posts of different sizes, textures, and materials. Just make sure you get one they like! It may take a while for them to get used to the scratching post you choose, but it will become their favorite place in your home once they do.

Investing in a scratching post for your dog is one of the easiest ways to keep their nails healthy and comfortable. If you want to avoid visits to the vet and keep them happy, don’t hesitate to grab a scratching post!

A Dog TV station? Yes, please!

Dog TV

Some dogs are okay with the daily trip around the block, but it’s not enough exercise for others. Dogs are natural-born hunters, which means they often need to play and run. And since you can’t always let them outside or carry them to the park, why not bring the park inside? Introducing Dog TV, a station that allows your pup to see what’s going on in their favorite parks!

Just hook up the Dog TV station, put it on your dog’s favorite park or trail, and let them watch! This is the perfect way to ensure your pup gets all the mental stimulation they need during the day. So if you’ve got an energetic dog who needs something to do while you’re at work, turn this baby on, and they’ll be entertained all day long!

Just like humans need their own “me time,” so do our pets. Designating a specific space for your pup to relax and unwind is an easy way to give them their own room in your home. And the best part is that it doesn’t matter if you have a big house or a small apartment; this idea can be adapted to any space. So how exactly do you give your pup their own room?

Hang a bird feeder outside the window!

Your puppy can watch the birds while they eat their food. If your pup is bored at home while you’re away, hanging out by the window can be an excellent way for them to pass the time. It will also give them something to look forward to during the day!

All you have to do is hang up some birdseed near their favorite window and let them watch! Even if they have difficulty climbing, they can still watch the birds up close and maybe even catch a glimpse of a squirrel or two.

So let your puppy watch out the window while they enjoy their food, and give them something to look forward to during the day! But don’t leave this idea up overnight because if they can get on it at all, there’s no stopping them from climbing on once-night falls.

If you want to bring some nature inside, there’s no better way than by watching the birds together near your pup’s window!


So, now that you know the basics of making your home dog-friendly, get to work making your house a haven for your furry friend. It will take some effort and time on your part, but in the end, it will be worth it when you see how much joy and happiness your pup brings into your life. Have I missed any tips? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this post with all of your fellow dog lovers.