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30 Couple’s Bonding Activities

Couples often find themselves spending too much time apart.

It’s not always easy to find a way for you and your partner to spend quality time together. Sometimes it feels like the only thing you have in common is work, kids, or household chores.

The best way to reconnect with your significant other is by doing something that both of you enjoy.

Make a list of all the activities you enjoy doing together. Then, when you find yourselves feeling disconnected, try to schedule one of these activities. It will make a world of difference and bring you and your partner closer together.

Here are some ideas for activities that can be done as a couple.

Go to a comedy show and laugh with each other instead of at each other.

A comedy show is a great way to have fun and put a smile on your face. Remember how you used to laugh at each other’s jokes? It feels good to do that again.

Comedy shows are a fantastic way to laugh and share one of the most powerful emotions between couples. Pick a show that makes you both laugh and enjoy some quality time together.

Give each other back massages.

It feels great to have someone rub your back and help you relax. Suppose massages aren’t your strong point, no worries. Just sit in front of each other and give a good rub down with a foam roller or a lacrosse ball.

Cuddle on the couch and watch a movie together.

watch a movie together

Take the time to do nothing but lie on the couch and watch movies together at home.

So many couples don’t make time for this because they’re always busy doing something else.

However, you must take this time out for yourselves and rest those eyes and minds.

It doesn’t have to be a movie either. It can be your favorite TV show or just an episode of a comedy series.

A night with a good movie and some snacks is the perfect way to spend the evening. 

Sometimes you need to turn off your cell phone and lock the bedroom door until morning comes around again!

Go on a picnic

Grab some sandwiches from your favorite deli, put them in a basket, grab a blanket, and head out to the park. Enjoy the scenery and each other’s company.

Remember how it feels when you hold hands with your partner? Go on a bike ride around town with them and experience that feeling again.

Who cares if it takes a little longer to get there? The extra time will be worth it by the end of the day.

Play board games with each other after work one night a week.

Sometimes couples find themselves having too much fun together or not enough at all! If this sounds like something that has been going on in your relationship, try playing board games as a weekly bonding activity.

It can be great for those nights when you want to have some quality time together. Board games can help rekindle the fun and laughter you used to have together.

Take a couple’s cooking class.

It will be so much fun getting back in the kitchen with your partner and working together on a new recipe. It’s also a great way to learn about new recipes and techniques and try new dishes you might not usually eat as a couple.

Find some classes that teach you something new, like how to dance or play an instrument together.

Taking dance lessons is a great activity because it helps couples bond without having any expectations.

It’s also a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time. It will help you relax and give you something else to do together that helps reconnect you as a couple.

Visit one of your favorite restaurants every weekend.

There are so many options for places to eat out these days; it can be tricky finding that perfect fit for both of you. Ask yourselves what types of foods you enjoy and plan to go there every weekend until the two of you find a place that makes both of your mouths water at the thought of it.

Having a favorite restaurant can be better than going out with friends because it’s just the two of you without any distractions or interruptions.

Take a walk around your neighborhood.

Maybe it’s been a few months since you’ve last been out for a walk together, or perhaps you just don’t have time for this kind of thing anymore. However, taking walks is a great way to get some exercise and spend that quality time outside the house.

Take a hike together.


Hiking is a great way to get outside, enjoy nature, and bond with each other. It’s perfect for the active couple that wants to stay in shape too!

Hiking can be adventurous or relaxing, depending on what you’re looking for during your hike.

It’s good for both romantic dates where you can take it slow and really connect!

Hiking provides opportunities to strengthen your relationship, so pack up your day pack and get for an exciting time out in the woods.

Watch the sunset together.

One of the best things about watching the sunset with someone special is it gives you something unique to look forward to doing together every day, not just one day in particular.

Watching sunsets has even been shown to be healthy for people’s relationships because they provide an opportunity for couples to express their appreciation for one another.

Go on a road trip to an unknown destination.

Grab your car keys, pack a small bag of necessities, and hit the highway for an unexpected adventure.

It’s essential to have this sense of spontaneity and excitement in your relationship, and exploring new places together can create unforgettable memories.

Take turns picking the destination of where you’ll go and see what happens!

Spend some time at your local museum or art gallery looking at pieces that inspire you both.

You might not think a museum date is your style, but it will be much better than expected if you approach it with an open mind.

Whether you’re into modern art or have a favorite period in history, there’s something for everyone at the museum!

Art museums can be peaceful and relaxing to walk around without any interruptions or distractions. It’s the perfect way to spend some time together looking at pieces you both find aesthetically appealing!

Having the opportunity to learn more about what makes your partner tick is important in strengthening that bond by genuinely getting to know them on a deeper level. Plus, who doesn’t love learning new things?

Go camping overnight at a nearby state park.

While camping might not seem like the perfect date idea right away, it can create unforgettable memories and strengthen your relationship in ways you never thought possible.

If you’ve already been before with other people or done it as a family activity, try bringing just the two of you to see what happens.

The ultimate camper’s experience brings you closer because it requires teamwork and communication to make sure everything goes smoothly.

It allows for some much-needed alone time, which is good for both of you, especially if you have kids or other responsibilities at home.

Take a dip in the pool for some exercise and fun.

Going swimming will help you burn calories, relax, and have fun with each other all at once. It’s also great because there are so many options for places to go, like public pools or water parks if you want to mix it up!

Swimming provides different activities like diving, splashing, floating on inflatable rings, etc., depending on your preferences.

It’s a great way to get your heart pumping and your endorphins going for some delightful relief!

Go fishing together.

Fishing is a great date because it can be as adventurous or laid-back as you want it to be, depending on what gear you bring with you and where you go!

fishing couple

If you’re more planning type, make plans in advance by finding an ideal spot to catch some fish or crabs. If activities like that aren’t your thing but still interested, find a dock or a pier near the water and sit back and relax there instead.

Either way, fishing will provide opportunities for bonding when having fun catching fish that can then become dinner later on when everyone is hungry.

Watch a scary movie together to get those good old-fashioned chills and thrills!

Everyone is scared of different things, so this is an activity you should decide on beforehand because if your partner isn’t into it, it can ruin the date.

But if you both do enjoy scaring yourselves together in front of a TV with the lights turned off, and all doors closed, then, by all means, go for it!

Marking down what scares you in terms of movies can help determine what you should look for in the future too.

Go geocaching together! 

This one might not seem like much of a date idea, but it can be fun if you’re both into nature and the outdoors.

If you know what geocaching is, then you know that it requires walking to specific areas in nature that are marked with coordinates on a GPS device.

What might start as walking through a park or trail can turn into so much more! The thrill of finding caches after searching for them is addicting.

Even though it requires quite a bit of walking, you’ll find yourselves in random locations that are new to you, which can help bond you together.

Sit by the fire and roast marshmallows together.

Roasting marshmallows is not only a blast because it reminds us of camping, but it can be romantic too.

It’s one of those activities you can do with anyone, but it is always more fun when you do it with someone special.

And once they’re toasted to perfection, you can make smores! Yum!

Go to happy hour with just each other and gossip like high school girls.

High school might have been a long time ago for some, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back for just one night and pretend like we’re in high school again!

Being able to spend off-time with your partner doing anything fun and carefree is great because it reminds you both of what brought you together in the first place.

Get manicures or pedicures together.

Even though this might seem more like a girly activity, guys can get manicures too!

Not only is it just plain fun to hang out and talk with your partner while getting nails done, but some salons even offer discounts for couples!

This alone time is great because you’ll never know what topic of conversation will pop up. From talking about the latest movie or TV show to politics and anything in between, the possibilities are endless and guaranteed to help strengthen your relationship with each other.

Turn on some tunes and cuddle up together on the couch.

There’s no better way to bond than by sharing a blanket on the couch at home together while listening to music

This is one of those activities that can be super casual or very romantic. You can talk about anything while you’re chilling out together in a familiar place.

Go ice skating together!

ice skating

Ice skating is not only a good workout, but it’s great for making memories with the one you love, too.

Whether you’re at an outdoor rink where people are sharing blankets on the side and eating hot cocoa, or if it’s indoors and more crowded, try to make time for quality time on skates!

If rollerblading isn’t your thing, give ice skating a chance because this activity can help strengthen your relationship even when things get intense with pushing and shoving!

Make crafts together!

It doesn’t matter what kind of crafts you make or how artsy either of you is. What’s important is that you’re having fun creating something new together.

The excitement of finding a project you’re both capable of doing and completing it together is a fantastic feeling.

Not only will your shared experience provide great memories, but making crafts with each other can also result in a ton of fun presents for friends and family!

Go shopping and splurge on something for each other.

Shopping with your partner can be so much fun, but it’s even better when you spend the money on something special for them!

Not only does this give you both a reason to go shopping, but after all is said and done, there are few feelings as rewarding as surprising someone with an amazing gift.

Go on a bike ride together. 

In some areas where biking lanes are available, try going on a bike ride through your neighborhood because not only will it help keep fit, but it can also be fun at the same time. There may even be local shops along the way where you can stop for a quick break and talk about the rest of your route!

Riding bicycles together is great because it provides time to bond and helps strengthen the relationship.

Even though this activity might not be accessible to everyone, if biking is an option for you guys, then definitely give it a try and see how much fun it can be!

Date night once a week.

Date night doesn’t need to be extravagant or involve dressing up.

All you need is some quality time together that’s just for the two of you, with no distractions.

Whether it’s going to the movies, grabbing a bite to eat, or doing something fun after dinner like stargazing… as long as you guys are spending time together, it doesn’t matter.

Date night is important because it creates a time for quality conversation and lets you both recharge from the day-to-day grind.

Doing this activity once a week will remind you of why your partner is so special and help strengthen your bond with each other!

Go on a romantic vacation together.

Go on a romantic vacation together

Not only is the act of traveling together awesome, but so is enjoying your destination together.

Whether you’ve never gone on vacation before or whether it’s your one-hundredth trip, if you’re married, then chances are traveling with your partner will be a breeze!

Even though traveling can take up lots of time and money, it’s worth it and can help strengthen your relationship.

Couples who travel together often create memories that will last a lifetime and learn more about each other in the process!

Yoga class for couples, paint night classes, pottery night classes, and so on.

Find a class or event that’s on your list of things to do and see if it’s something you guys enjoy together! Even if the activity itself isn’t your thing, give it a chance anyway because attending an event as a couple can help strengthen the bond with each other.

Try new things together, and you might just discover that some activities are worth doing more than once!

Go stargazing.

Sometimes it can be difficult to disconnect from technology; however, many benefits come from disconnecting. One of the best ways to spend time reconnecting with your partner is by going stargazing. You can lie out on a warm summer night and look up at the stars together, or you can pack a picnic and go camping for the weekend. Either way, it’s bound to be a fantastic experience for both of you.


Getting into a routine is easy. 

However, if you and your partner spend too much time doing things separately, it can become easy to lose the connection.

Finding new activities to do together can be challenging because most things we do involve so many other people and don’t provide the opportunity for intimate conversation or getting to know each other better.

Don’t let that discourage you, though! Getting creative and trying out different activities is guaranteed to benefit your relationship in all kinds of ways.

If none of the activities in this article are for you, don’t worry! The important thing is to find something you’re both interested in and enjoy doing together.

You can even create your own traditions that you do together every year! For example, a couple might do something special on Valentine’s Day or their wedding anniversary.

The possibilities are endless, so get creative and focus on spending quality time together!

It’s essential that you guys both enjoy the activity. It doesn’t matter if one of you is more into it than the other – making memories with each other will always be better than doing nothing at all!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this article helpful and that it inspires you to find a new activity to do with your partner ASAP!

What is your favorite activity to do with your partner? Will you try any of the activities I mentioned? Are you planning any trips in the future? 

Comment below!