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Need Some Good Parenting Advice? Check Out These Ten Tips!

Anyone raising kids is always looking for ways to make their lives a little bit easier. Well, look no further – here are some parenting tips that will help you with that!

Do you have a young child that won’t go to sleep?

Do you have a young child that wont go to sleep

Then you’ll want to check out these tips.

Read a book

It’s no secret that getting your child ready for bed can be a stressful task. But if you want to make the experience as easy as possible, try reading them a story before they go to sleep.

Not only will this help them wind down before they go to sleep, but it will also give you some quality time together that you can cherish forever.

Rock them to sleep

Another great way to help your child fall asleep easier is by rocking them! This is especially effective if they are babies, but you can also try this with slightly older kids. If your child is in their toddler years, try lifting them in your arms and gently rocking them until they fall asleep. This will be a great bonding experience that you will both cherish forever!

Sing them to sleep

If your child is slightly older, then you can try singing them a lullaby before they go to bed. Not only will this help them relax, but it will also give you time to sing your heart out. If you don’t think singing is for you, you can always opt for a softer version of your favorite song.

When my kid was about 18 months old, he would not go down for naps. I worked with him every day on it, but nothing seemed to help. I read somewhere to put some lavender essential oil on the headboard and mattress of his bed. Well, it works like a charm! The calming smell of lavender helps him relax and fall asleep.

What about naps? Do you struggle to get your little one to take a daily nap?

Here’s another trick that works well. I use white noise to help get my kid to sleep, and it works. So, what you might want to do is choose a white noise machine and play the same sound for your child’s naps each day. If you keep it consistent, they will get used to the sound and relax – making for a nice daily nap!

Give your child plenty of positive reinforcement.

When your child is being good, let them know! If they’re sharing, give them a high five. If they’re cleaning up their toys, let them know they’re doing a good job. Reinforcing the behavior you like will make it more likely to occur again in the future!

If you tell your child “no” all the time, they will learn to tune you out. Try saying something like “Wow, what a great idea!” when your child comes up with something for you to do together. And if they have negative behavior, praise them for something that they are already doing well. That way, you will encourage positive behavior while discouraging negative behavior!

Be consistent with punishments and rewards.

If you want your child to act in a certain way, you need to reinforce the behaviors you like while discouraging the bad behaviors. If they are being good, let them know they are doing a great job. But if they are acting up, make sure they understand that this behavior is unacceptable.

Sometimes, kids like to treat grownups like their friends. If your child thinks that you’re their equal, then they may sometimes act disrespectfully. You should talk to them about it and tell them that grownups deserve their respect if this is happening.

Make sure that you are consistent with how you punish and reward your child. If one day they get a big reward and the next day you punish them for something similar, they won’t know what to expect and will become confused. Consistency is key!

Do you ever struggle to get your child to speak up?

It can be frustrating when they nod or shake their head instead of using words to answer your questions. However, you can help them learn to speak up by choosing a word they will always respond to.

For example, if you always ask them if they want to go outside the same way but keep nodding their head, choose different wording. Now, when you ask them if they want to go outside, they will shake their head instead of nodding. Soon enough, they’ll stop shaking their head and will be able to answer you verbally!

Can’t get your kid to listen the first time you ask?

Cant get your kid to listen the first time you ask

Try to give your child as many chances as you can. Sometimes kids just need a little more help to hear our words! If they don’t listen the first time, wait a little bit and try again. With enough practice, your kid will start listening to you on the first try!

Sometimes, kids just have a hard time hearing. If this is the case, you should make sure that you are standing in front of them and speaking more loudly than usual. After all, if they can’t hear you, they won’t be able to respond!

If they ignore you when you ask them to do something, you can tell them that if they don’t respond the first time, they will have to do it again (if you asked them to do something like a chore). This will make them respond the first time you ask because they don’t want to do it twice.

If your child is constantly interrupting you, it can be frustrating!

But there are ways to make them learn not to do it. You can try by asking them if they want to give you two minutes of uninterrupted time. Then, count down the two minutes (and know that not even an earthquake could stop you!). This has worked for many parents!

Try saying something like, “Can I finish?” or “Excuse me, can you let me finish?”. You will need to practice this a few times, but soon they will learn to stop interrupting you!

It’s important to stay calm and not get angry when your child is misbehaving. Children like to test their limits and will do it more often if they can get a rise out of you. If you stay calm around them, they will be more likely to respond well to your directions!

Does your child love to make weird noises?

If so, maybe they are trying to get your attention! When you notice them doing this, try speaking to them in a way that makes it clear that you are not interested in what they are doing. They will most likely stop once they realize they aren’t getting any attention from you!

It can be extremely frustrating when your child isn’t listening to you. But if you show them that it’s bothering you, they will know to stop. You can do this by sighing or giving them a serious look.

End your sentences with “okay?” or “alright?”. If you want them to keep doing something around the house, try saying something like, “It’s time to pick up the toys. Okay?”. If you do this, they’ll know that it’s their job!

How to manage your child’s misbehaving.

Cant get your kid to listen the first time you ask

If your little one misbehaves, it’s important to start noticing when this happens. When you see the signs, you can help them before they get too worked up. For example, if they are whining a lot, you can say something like, “I know it’s hard to wait for your turn” or “I know you are excited right now”.

Sometimes, kids can be rude! If this happens, tell them to say something nice instead of being mean. For example, if your kid pushes their brother out of the way, you could say something like, “Can you be nice when someone is walking by?” or “Nice job moving!”.

Sometimes, kids just have a lot of energy. If this is the case, you can let them do something that will allow them to release some of their extra energy.

Try taking them outside to run around for a little bit, or let them bounce a ball in the room they are in. Then, when they come back inside, they’ll be ready to listen to you!

If they are loud, you can tell them to be quiet and show them a toy. If they are rough with the TV remote, maybe you can show them a toy or book. This way, you can get through your day with less stress!

Take them on some new adventures or play with one of their favorite toys for a while. This will make them forget about what they were doing before and will help them get through a tough situation.

Sometimes, kids just get frustrated!

If this happens, you can give them some time to calm down.

Your child might not be able to stop misbehaving when they are in a bad mood. This is okay because you can help them calm down by distracting them. For example, if they are being loud, you can give them a try.

If your child is having difficulty calming down, sing a song with them. Maybe sing one of their favorite songs or try making your own song together. Singing is a great way to calm down and take a break!

If your child is being a little monster, you can try to get them to take a break by asking if they need a time out. You could say, “Do you need a time out?” or “It sounds like it might be hard to play now. Do you want to take a break?” Make sure to follow through if they say yes.

If your child is not listening, you can ask them questions like “Did you hear what I said?” or “Do you understand?”. This will encourage them to listen more often, and it can be a simple way to stop misbehaving.

Sometimes, kids just want to feel heard!

If you are having a conversation with your child and they start misbehaving, you could try telling them, “I’m not interested in your advice right now”. If they are playing up, say something like, “Can I talk to you after you are finished with your game?”.

Your child might start misbehaving if they want your attention. If this is the case, you can let them know what you are doing so they know that you still care. You could say something like, “I’m sorry I can’t play with you right now, but I would really love to play later”.

Your child might just want to practice independence. In that case, try asking them to help you instead of just assuming they always want to be by your side.


Being a parent can be tough, but these parenting tips are sure to make things easier. Do you have any parenting tips that you would like to share? Comment below and let us know!