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Top 10 Mistakes Newlyweds Make: Are You Making Them?

Marriages are beautiful, but as with any relationship, there can be some bumps in the road. To have a happy marriage and avoid common pitfalls that many newlyweds fall into, it’s essential to recognize these mistakes before they happen. Here are the top 10 mistakes that newlyweds make:

Not talking about money.

Talk to your significant other and find out how they feel about finances, debt, spending habits, and saving. You need to be on the same page regarding money so you can avoid future arguments or resentment towards one another for making financial decisions without consulting each other first.

It’s even a good idea to examine what you both value in life by asking yourself some essential questions such as, ‘What is more important; cars, houses, or clothes? What will I do if my partner isn’t willing to compromise?

Talking openly about money and continuing to do so is the best way to avoid future financial disagreements in your marriage.

By talking about money early on, you can work out a system that works for both of you, which will be beneficial later on when it comes time to deal with more complicated issues such as paying off debt or saving up for a house.

You don’t want things like these causing problems within your relationship down the line so take care of them now before they become bigger problems!

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Thinking that marriage is a cure-all for their problems.

Thinking that marriage is a cure all for their problems

Marriage is a wonderful thing, but it isn’t going to solve all of your problems. Life still happens after you get married, and there will be issues that arise in life, such as work stress or family struggles.

No one ever said being a newlywed would be easy, so don’t expect everything to just fall into place once you get hitched!

You must keep working on yourself and your relationship because marriage takes effort from both partners if it lasts for the long haul.

If you’re struggling with things like depression or anxiety before getting married, then this isn’t something you should ignore- seek help for it and take care of yourself so you can be a happier person in general.

Remember that marriage won’t solve all your problems, but hard work and love will help make them easier to deal with!

Expecting to have the same opinions as their spouse on every issue.

If you two disagree on something, it’s okay! You don’t have to agree with your spouse 100% of the time. You will never see eye-to-eye on everything, so trying to pretend like this is possible can lead to more problems than solutions in a marriage.

It’s fine if one of you likes sports and the other doesn’t or if one of you wants kids while the other person isn’t sure yet; these things are not deal breakers for marriages.

You can still find a way to compromise with one another because relationships are all about give-and-take. If you’re willing to listen, then your spouse will be too, but it takes work from both sides if you want the result of having an equal say in important matters within your marriage.

Remember that life isn’t always going to go our way, so learning how to communicate effectively and compromising on some things is necessary for any relationship!

By recognizing that differences exist between people who share an intimate bond, such as spouses, we become better able to work together rather than try and change each other.

A healthy relationship is one where partners respect their differences even if they disagree. It helps keep both individuals grounded in reality, knowing there are certain things about which they must compromise for the sake of mutual happiness. This acknowledgment makes room for growth while partners learn how much space exists between them without losing respect for individuality or emotional closeness.

This understanding often comes long before couples say ‘I do’ but should be nurtured throughout every phase of marriage so that disagreements never become personal attacks, nor resentful avoidance an attempted solution; real love doesn’t expect or demand the impossible.

In a healthy marriage, there is mutual happiness, but it takes both people owning their individuality and working together to make this happen!

Believing that they can change their partner’s bad habits after they’re already married.

If your spouse has a bad habit that you truly despise, then it’s time to accept this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Everyone is allowed their own set of quirks and personality traits. If they can learn how to deal with them properly, things will be okay down the line. Expecting someone else to change who they are just because you want them to is unrealistic; plus, trying to force these changes won’t help anyone involved in the long run!

Take care of yourself first by accepting people for who they are before thinking about marrying them; don’t waste years fighting over something trivial like what color socks should go into each drawer or whether certain dishes need to be rewashed after every meal. These fights aren’t worth it and can leave a marriage feeling drained.

change their partners

Often, people get into relationships because they love the person and accept who they are for better or worse, but after marriage, things can change. 

After saying ‘I do,’ you might think that everything will be fine and your spouse won’t have any bad habits anymore- this is not how it works!

Just remember that you’re a team now, two against the world, which means working together to fix problems rather than one partner trying to change the other.

It’s a hard habit to break, but you must accept your spouse for everything they are and not try changing them after marriage because this will lead to resentment later on in life if it continues.

If there is something that bothers you about your spouse, then talk with them about it! Don’t get married thinking that things will be perfect- real love takes time and effort from both sides.

You don’t want problems like these cropping up years down the line when suddenly you two can barely stand being around each other anymore due to constant conflict over the same issues every day. Staying together out of obligation rather than mutual happiness leads nowhere fast!

Not giving each other enough space.

If you feel like your spouse is smothering you after marriage, then it’s time to put some distance between the two of you!

Having too much togetherness without any ‘me’ time can lead to fights and resentment because no one wants their personal space invaded- this just isn’t healthy for anyone involved.

It’s important to remember that you’re not the same people anymore after marriage and need different things in life; you can’t spend 24/24 with your spouse because it will drain both of you.

Remember, this is not about taking sides or one person being right; instead, it’s about finding a healthy balance where the two people involved are happy and satisfied in their marriage without neglecting themselves!

If something like this happens to be an issue for either one of you, then talk openly and honestly so that things don’t get worse down the line- communication goes a long way!

You must remember that real love allows space for individuality even after saying ‘I do,’ which means respecting personal boundaries while also staying close as partners on big and small issues.

When married couples feel smothered by each other every day, it can be tough to breathe.

Space is important, and couples who don’t respect each other enough tend to fight more often than those who give time apart where needed.

Real love allows your partner some breathing room, but it doesn’t mean they want to leave you; sometimes, we all just need our own space to process what’s going on around us before opening up about everything again later down the line.

Comparing your spouse to a former partner.

Don’t compare your new spouse to someone from your past who wasn’t meant to be!

It means that you have some serious issues if this happens regularly because it can lead to resentment and jealousy in the future.


For true love between two married people, not just by name alone, one has to stop comparing their current husband or wife with others they dated before getting hitched; what happened in the past doesn’t matter anymore!

It’s an entirely different person being involved now- respect them as such while also respecting yourself for recognizing how much better things are compared to previous relationships that didn’t work out.

A recipe for disaster.

When you’re married, it’s important to respect yourself and your partner enough not to compare the two because trust me when I say this is a recipe for disaster!

You don’t want things like these coming between what could become a fantastic relationship down the line; remember, there are no ‘perfect’ people in life, so stop searching for them by trying to change your spouse after marriage which will lead nowhere fast.

If you’re uncertain about the way your spouse acts or what they might be thinking, then it’s essential to talk things out and find a compromise that works for both of you without forcing expectations on each other.

This is not an easy task, but it does take two people committed to making their marriage work- if this isn’t happening already, don’t wait until there are bigger problems before realizing how much should have been done earlier!

Neglecting your needs to meet those of your spouse.

When you are newlyweds, it is easy for each person to put their needs aside to ensure that they meet those of their spouse before thinking about themselves.

This may be an admirable trait, but there comes a time when neglecting your own needs becomes harmful and can lead to resentment on both sides if neither party realizes what is happening until it has become too late.

When one partner feels as though they have been neglected, then they will most likely feel angry without even being aware of why, since it isn’t always apparent at first glance by either individual involved what exactly has occurred.

Instead of striving to meet some sort of standard set by society or even your own expectations, it is advisable to focus on what works best for you as a couple before anything else.

Only once the needs of both parties have been met will true love be able to blossom and grow into something that can weather any storm thrown at it- this isn’t just important but vital if one wants their marriage to last!

When couples stop thinking about themselves after they get married, then resentment quickly follows, which leads nowhere good in terms of relationship maintenance. Instead, think about how things affect each other down the line because you are now part of a team that should always support each other despite whatever life throws at them next!

You mustn’t neglect either party for true love between two married people to blossom into something beautiful.

If this has already happened, it is crucial to realize what went wrong and how much damage control must be done before things become irreparable. Remember, time spent on fixing a relationship is never wasted since the result will always make any efforts worth the while down the line.

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Putting off major decisions until they’re forced into making them by circumstance or crisis.

When you’re newlyweds, it’s easy to put off making tough decisions that will affect both parties until one or the other is forced into action by circumstance. While this may seem like a good idea in practice, all it really does is make things exponentially worse since no matter how much time passes, these issues won’t go away on their own and will only become more and more difficult as days turn into weeks which then lead to months.

Not having any foresight when planning your future together can cause distress for everyone involved! If anything needs to happen, such as relocating due to work reasons or even something smaller such as deciding where to spend the holidays, then you must talk these things through beforehand to avoid any unnecessary stress or hurt feelings. 

Being newlyweds should be exciting and full of possibilities- instead of becoming annoyed with each other due to neglecting important decisions which can affect both parties down the line, why not sit down for a moment together so that everything is hashed out before anything else? This will save everyone involved time while also avoiding additional problems further on down the road!

Don’t put off making tough decisions until they’re forced upon you because this could cause distress for anyone involved.

Instead, make sure that all major future plans are worked out well ahead of time by taking some time to sit down and discuss them!

When starting your marriage, the last thing you want is to make things harder than they need to be, which can happen if plans are not made well ahead of time together as one unit where each person’s input has been considered.

While this might sound like an overreaction at first glance, consider how much more difficult life would become in the future and how many arguments could possibly occur because no compromise was found beforehand- do you really want that?

Of course not! The earlier tough decisions such as these are discussed with mutual understanding between partners; the better things will be in the long run.

Assuming that the other person is thinking about them all the time.


It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that your spouse is always doing things behind the scenes with you in their mind. While this might seem like a thoughtful sentiment, it quickly becomes annoying and even stifling for both parties since no one likes being smothered by guilt or obligation. This can happen if either person feels they must constantly be “on” around their significant other.

This can also lead to some severe trust issues creeping into the equation since one person may begin to feel as though they’re being controlled or even bullied.

Do you want your relationship with your spouse to turn into a parent/child dynamic where one is constantly nagging at the other for fear that something might go wrong? Of course not! It’s much better if things stay light and fun without any pressure from either party- this will help foster creativity and give everyone involved more freedom, which leads to stronger bonds between each spouse.

Don’t forget that you’re each other’s partner and not your child, no matter what happens between spouses.

While this might seem like common sense at first glance, many spouses feel smothered after getting married, especially once the honeymoon period wears off. Every minor issue becomes a major problem that must be worked out together instead of separately.

Remember that neither person should feel obligated to do anything for the other since neither should be the parent in this relationship. It’s much better to make things fun and loving without any unnecessary pressure, which will help both parties feel more at ease while encouraging creativity!

It’s great that you always thought about each other while dating but getting into marriage means that time has come where each party needs to focus on themselves, too, since both parties deserve their happiness despite wanting what’s best for their family unit overall.

Top 3 Mistakes Newlyweds Make

Trying to do everything on their own.

While doing things on your own is important, never forget that you’re part of a team now with the person you love most in this world- why not take advantage of each other’s strengths and abilities? This will help everyone involved to become more efficient when tackling issues together.

It’s great if one party is particularly good at something while the other isn’t, but marriage means that both parties will need to work together and help each other reach their goals.

The sooner you learn how to divide up responsibilities and figure out who is best at doing what, the easier life will be for both parties since they’ll know exactly what needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it. This way, there’s no unnecessary overlap of duties where one person gets upset with another because something wasn’t finished correctly or on time.

Working as a team makes everything so much easier all around! So instead of trying to do everything yourself, why not ask your spouse for assistance?

This way, we can cover twice the ground and feel less stressed overall, which encourages bonding between spouses too!

Don’t let pride get in the way of asking for help since it’s a sign of being responsible and productive- these are essential traits to have as a couple.


It’s not too late to learn from the mistakes of others. We have compiled a list of what we think are some of the most common pitfalls for newlyweds so you can avoid them and create your happily ever after with as few bumps in the road as possible.

We want to hear from you! Do any of these mistakes sound familiar? Comment below and let us know what your biggest takeaway is for newlyweds.