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To Block or Not to Block? Managing Exes on Social Media

Key Takeaways

  • Blocking an ex can help you resist checking their profiles and move on. But weigh the pros and cons first.
  • “Snooping” on an ex’s social media rarely brings closure. It often causes more pain.
  • If contacting an ex online, avoid ambiguity to prevent mixed signals. State your intentions clearly.
  • Don’t post negatively about exes publicly online. Vent privately to trusted friends instead.
  • Seeing an ex thrive online can stir up complex emotions. Process these feelings in healthy ways.
  • If an ex’s social media presence still affects you, muting or unfollowing can help, without fully blocking them.
  • After a cordial breakup, consider remaining social media contacts to preserve positive shared memories.
  • If an ex harasses you online, save evidence and report them or block them as necessary to protect yourself.
  • When entering a new relationship, establish healthy boundaries for remaining social media connections with exes.
Managing Exes on Social Media

Breakups are painful enough without the constant temptation social media provides to peek into an ex’s life online. Photos, posts, and updates – all at your fingertips to dissect for clues about their feelings, new partners, or how well they’ve moved on without you. It’s a recipe for obsession and heartache. Here’s how to handle the inevitable post-breakup social media dilemma with maturity to best aid your recovery and empower yourself.

The Pitfalls of Post-Breakup “Snooping”

It’s entirely normal to feel drawn to an ex’s social media profiles after a split – especially once the relationship meant a lot to you. But this snooping impulse rarely ends well or provides closure. Some key reasons not to give in:

It Reopens Wounds

Seeing details about your ex’s partying, dating life, or seeming happiness on social media re-traumatizes breakup wounds at vulnerable times.

It Feeds Obsession

Checking an ex’s profile compulsively becomes addictive. But it only worsens feelings of rejection and makes it harder to move forward.

Mixed Signals Can Occur

Liking or commenting on an ex’s posts could imply you want reconciliation when you don’t. Be careful.

Over-Interpreting Happens

It’s impossible to gauge someone’s real feelings from curated social media posts. Don’t read into them as proxies for your ex’s inner state.

Rumination Spirals Form

Getting hooked on ruminating on an ex’s social media makes it harder to heal. Thought patterns become toxic.

Resentment Can Take Root

Seeing an ex thriving without you on social media breeds resentment. Anger and bitterness hurt you, not them.

Weighing Whether to Block Them

Blocking an ex on social media can be a powerful way to resist the temptation to “snoop” and move forward. But it’s a personal decision with merits on both sides to weigh carefully.


  • Prevents impulsive attempts to contact or check their profiles during vulnerability
  • Signals a clear boundary that contact is off the table for now
  • Stops their posts from appearing on your feeds and triggering hurt
  • Forces you to disengage and heal instead of dwelling on the past
  • Allows you to focus fully on yourself and your own growth


  • Can feel dramatic, and angry, and leave things on a hostile note
  • Prevents any reconciliation or cordial friendship down the road
  • Creates a perception you’re still bitter if exes learn you blocked them
  • Won’t stop you from viewing their pages by searching if temptation remains
  • Could deprive you of access to old photos and memories you want to keep

As with all post-breakup choices, block with care and caution – and only if you feel it’s truly right for you long-term.

Managing Contact From Your Ex Directly

Beyond just casually checking their social media, sometimes an ex may reach out to you online post-split. If you engage, tread carefully to prevent giving mixed signals:

  • State any boundaries upfront if you reply – such as not wanting to reconcile.
  • Keep messages cordial but brief. Don’t rehash the relationship or issues.
  • Resist requests to meet up unless you’re open to friendship or more.
  • Deflect inflammatory statements. Don’t take the bait or react angrily.
  • If they cross lines, unfollow, mute, or block them accordingly.
  • Learn when to stop responding if an ex tries to draw you into ongoing contact or arguments.

Contact with exes over social media rarely goes smoothly, especially soon after breaking up. If you’re not interested in friendship or reconciling, it’s often smart not to engage at all online to avoid complications. But if you do interact, protect yourself by communicating as clearly and neutrally as possible.

Venting About Your Ex Online

Resist any urge to bash or vent about your ex publicly on social media. It may offer quick relief but almost always backfires:

  • Looks dramatic and undignified to mutual connections
  • Could spark retaliation or ugly online fights
  • Prevents emotionally moving past the breakup
  • Can even lead to potential defamation lawsuits
  • Makes future friendliness or reconciliation unlikely

Vent privately instead to trusted friends and therapists. Or channel feelings into writing in a private journal. Healing requires grace and maturity – not lowering yourself to toxic behavior you may regret.

To Block or Not to Block Managing Exes on Social Media

Coping With Feelings of Jealousy and Inadequacy

It’s natural to have moments of jealousy or feel inadequate if you see an ex thriving socially online post-breakup. Try these healthy mindset shifts to cope:

  • Follow inspirational accounts to expand your perspective beyond the ex. -Dig into your passions offline; don’t let social media consume you.
  • List your own worth and accomplishments to restore confidence.
  • Unfollow or hide their feed temporarily if it triggers envy.
  • Avoid comparison; curated posts never show full reality.
  • Get support; voice feelings to close confidantes who build you up.
  • Practice self-care and gratitude to refocus on the joys in your own life.
  • Mute instead of blocking if you still want benign access to fond memories.
  • Report them if an ex tries to make you jealous intentionally with hurtful posts.

Your worth isn’t defined by your ex’s social media presence. Redirect your mindset and energy toward nurturing your own fulfillment and interests outside of the digital world.

Should You Stay Social Media Friends?

If the breakup was relatively amicable, you may prefer keeping former partners connected on social media to preserve shared memories. Some good reasons:

  • Allows harmless peeks into their life out of plain curiosity later on
  • Avoids appearing bitter or aggressive
  • Keeps you on friendly terms for potential future contact
  • Provides sentimental access to photos and posts from your time together
  • Can help new partners understand your past too without total erasure

That said, even staying friends risks emotional triggers. So hide their feed at first, interact minimally, and don’t cling to false hopes. With maturity, many exes manage to transition to casual online friendships smoothly.

Protect Yourself From Online Harassment

In toxic or abusive relationships, an ex may continue harassing you online post-breakup. Don’t tolerate this. Take steps to stop it:

  • Block them on all social media platforms.
  • Save evidence like screenshots in case you need proof of stalking later.
  • Report them to social media sites for harassment, bullying or hate speech if severe.
  • Talk to the police if you feel physically threatened based on their online behavior.
  • Secure your privacy settings to prevent tracking.
  • Let close friends and family know what’s happening for support.
  • Seek counseling around domestic violence resources if trauma lingers.

You have a right to feel safe and free from harassment online. Report exes who cross lines to protect yourself.

Managing Ex on Social Media

Setting Boundaries in New Relationships

Entering a new relationship raises questions about remaining connected to exes online. To avoid tensions:

  • Unfollow recent exes so their posts don’t show up on feeds.
  • Disclose if an ex contacts you; don’t hide conversations.
  • Allow each other access to view messages to build trust.
  • Agree on what contact or interactions with exes are appropriate to avoid jealousy.
  • Don’t post intimate photos with exes visible to a new partner.
  • Make joint accounts to share future memories going forward.
  • Recognize each other’s emotions and sensitivities, and compromise.
  • Focus energy on creating new social media memories together. The past will fade.

Have open talks about social media boundaries with new partners. With compromise and empathy from all sides, you can usually find comfortable solutions.

Moving Forward Post-Breakup Socially

However you proceed after separating, reflect on what serves your emotions best. Social media can illuminate divides, provoke jealousy, and twist the knife – but also preserves cherished memories if used maturely.

Each situation differs. If a particular ex’s online presence hinders your growth, blocking them may be healthiest, at least temporarily. With others, you may feel confident remaining casual online contacts.

Talk to close confidantes for wisdom, communicate your boundaries directly, and report any harassment swiftly. Focus your mindset on your own worth and goals.

The healthiest partnerships support each person’s independent social networks anyway. You’ll get through this social media breakup challenge to thrive offline in a real community and purpose. That’s where healing truly happens.


Is it unhealthy to check on my ex obsessively online?

Yes, compulsively viewing an ex’s social media usually fuels rumination on the past and makes it harder to move forward. Limit checking.

Should I delete all our old pictures together after a breakup?

Not necessarily – some positive shared memories are harmless to retain long-term. Just avoid constant reminiscing about them initially as you heal.

My ex keeps trying to message me; how do I get them to stop?

Politely but firmly ask them to cease contact, then block them if they persist against your wishes and don’t take the hint.

Is blocking my ex too harsh if we ended on decent terms?

Blocking can feel aggressive after an amicable split. Consider just muting or unfollowing them first unless you need more space to heal.

Is blocking my ex too harsh if we ended on decent terms

What are subtle signs my ex wants to get back together online?

Fishing for information about your life, liking old posts, texting random memories, watching your stories, tagging you in throwbacks, etc. can be clues.

I regret blocking my ex in the heat of the moment; can I undo it?

Yes! On most platforms, you can reverse the block, but your ex will be able to see you blocked them temporarily. Proceed with caution.

How do I deal with jealous feelings if my ex posts new relationship content?

Vent privately to friends, focus on your own growth, hide their feed for a while, and keep perspective. Social media is highlights, not reality.

Should I warn my new partner that my ex still follows me?

Yes, transparency avoids drama. But also set boundaries and hide your ex’s feed. Make it clear the past is in the past.

My friends say my ex’s provocative posts are meant to make me jealous. Are they right?

Possibly. Some exes do use social media to purposely make you envious. Recognize that this behavior is toxic and unwarranted.

How can I tell if an ex contacting me just wants an ego boost?

If they seem interested only in gloating about themselves, flirting ambiguously, or pumping you for reassurance, it could be about ego. Beware.

In Summary:

Post-breakup social media contact is a minefield but doesn’t have to impede healing. Weigh blocking carefully based on your needs and motivations.

Vent privately, limit snooping, report harassment, and focus energy on your own fulfillment and worth beyond the digital.

With healthy boundaries, empathy, and perspective, peaceful coexistence online with exes often becomes possible over time – even if the relationship can’t survive. Prioritize caring for yourself first.


Social media has forever changed how we navigate breakups and relate to exes online. While it poses risks of obsession and envy, with the right mindset shifts it can also help preserve fond memories and leave the door open for eventual friendship.

Have compassion for yourself and prior partners during emotional times. When used maturely, social platforms allow us to toast beautiful chapters that have passed while continuing to expand our connections, voices, and communities.

Handle your breakup with grace, communicate with care and look to the future. Your story still lies ahead.