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10 Surprising Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

I’ve learned a lot about life from my kids. They are the most honest, genuine people in my life, and they have taught me more than anyone else ever has. Some of these lessons were easy to learn, while others took time to understand, but they all impacted how I live my everyday life. Here are ten things that kids have taught me about living.

They Love Exploring new Things.

kids exploring chico

Kids are always exploring new things. Whether it’s toys or food, they want to try everything because it’s all so exciting and fun for them. If you want to live life to the fullest, look at everything in your day as if it’s brand new.

It can be anything from what you’re having for lunch, meeting someone new, or even just trying out a different way of doing something. You’ll find that you enjoy more than ever before when you take the time to appreciate each lesson and experience in your life.    

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about kids, it’s that they learn by doing, not by being told how to do something like an adult might. If you want to learn something new, stop reading about it and start doing it.

You don’t need to know everything about a subject before you begin. Instead of reading books on how to play an instrument or draw, pick one up and figure it out for yourself. That’s the only way you’ll really understand.

Kids are Honest.

You can always trust their answers because they are too young to lie. You can ask them anything, and you’ll get an honest answer. That’s why kids are great fun at dinner parties!

Kids say whatever is on their minds. They aren’t worried about the consequences of their words or actions because they haven’t lived long enough to understand them yet.  

Kids will always tell you exactly what they think. Sometimes it’s brutal, and sometimes we don’t want to hear it, but we can always learn from kids because they are so honest. 

They Just Live in the Moment. 

Kids don’t worry about the past because they can’t remember it, and they don’t think about the future because they aren’t old enough to understand it. They live in their own little world of today. When you have kids, you know you need to live your life that way too. 

You can learn A LOT from kids by watching them live in the moment like this. Kids somehow innately know how not to worry about tomorrow or yesterday but just to enjoy TODAY!

They Teach you that it’s Okay to be Wrong.

mistake kids chico

Kids aren’t afraid to make mistakes, and we sure could learn a lesson from that. Kids will try anything and everything, no matter how silly it looks. They don’t mind if they end up covered in mud or with funny-looking hair because they know that any moment now, they will be doing something else equally as crazy!

Kids are always making mistakes because they are learning how to be themselves in the world, and they make many mistakes, as we all do on the path to self-discovery. So don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake; kids would tell you it’s okay, and let’s just learn from our mistakes and move along with our lives!

Kids teach us that we can always try again. If they fall off their bike or miss a goal at soccer, they quickly dust themselves off and get back on. They show us that you can always try again, even when you fail the first time around.

They’re not afraid to fail. Kids fail all the time, but that doesn’t stop them from trying again and again until they get things right.

If you’ve ever tried learning anything complex like art or playing an instrument, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you make mistake after mistake, getting annoyed with yourself each time. But kids are tenacious; if they keep at it long enough, they’ll eventually succeed.

We could probably all benefit by trying harder after we fail instead of giving up like many of us do these days.

They Teach you Patience.

Kids can push your patience to the limit and remind you of what it’s like to be a kid again. Don’t get me wrong, being with kids is definitely rewarding, but they can try your patience at times too!

If you work in an environment with small children, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. The difference is that when you’re teaching them something new, they will keep trying until they get it right, which makes them very patient little souls indeed.

Kids teach us all about patience and not giving up until we achieve our goals. They do this by constantly pushing the boundaries and refusing to take no for an answer (even if it involves climbing on top of the kitchen bench!) Kids don’t mind failing because it’s all

Kids are little bundles of energy, and they never slow down. You can learn a lot from their patience as you try to keep up with them!

Kids teach us that we need to slow down every once in a while and just enjoy the moment, not rush through it. 

Patience is such an important thing to teach your children, but it is also important for you to learn too.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously.

Kids have a great sense of humor. They laugh at almost anything, and they don’t take things too seriously because they just haven’t been around long enough to become jaded. If you can learn from their approach, then you’ll be much happier because life can be pretty tough sometimes if we let it! 

So learning not to take yourself too seriously is an important lesson we could all benefit from learning.

Kids teach us that laughter is such a powerful tool in making us happy all the time. Being able to laugh at yourself is definitely something that comes naturally to kids and should come naturally to adults.

Ask for Help When you Need it. 

You can learn a lot from kids because they are very open about asking for help when needed. They don’t hide their mistakes or the fact that sometimes they just don’t know what to do! 

By teaching your kids to ask for help, you’re actually teaching them one of the most important life skills there is, which is how to find solutions with other people’s support. When you learn to ask for help, you’ll also discover that there are plenty of helpful people in your life too.

Kids teach us that instead of worrying about asking for help when we need it, we should focus on helping each other out and not be ashamed about it either.

Be Kind to Others.

kind kids chico

Kids teach us that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect. They don’t judge people based on their color, language, or how they dress, but instead see them for who they are inside.

They teach us that if we could all just be kind to each other no matter how different we look, then the world would be a much better place!

Kids are so quick to forgive because, in most cases, they try not to think badly about anyone else in life unless presented with really bad behavior.

Kids Don’t Care How You Look.

Kids don’t care what you wear or if your hair is all messy. They like you for who you are, and that’s pretty special!

Kids teach us to be more accepting of others and embrace the differences in people. They don’t care if you’re wearing dirty clothes or your hair is a mess, and neither should we!

They also teach us that we shouldn’t judge others based on appearances because they’re just like us inside. Not only do kids teach us about acceptance, but they also teach us that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness, no matter what their color, language, or culture might be.

If we can learn to look beyond how people dress, then we will discover that there are many lovely, amazing people in the world too. It takes a while, but eventually, most children become acclimated to new surroundings, and they open up their world to everyone in it.

Kids have a very innocent approach to life, and because of this, they tend not to judge others based on what other people say about them.

They show us that physical appearances really mean very little in life, and it’s what we do that makes all the difference.

Kids teach us to keep our focus on other people instead of ourselves, because if we can do this, then life will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved!

If we could learn from kids and always treat each other equally and with respect, then the world would be a much better place!

 Kids Have an Incredible Imagination.

kids imagination chico

Kids love to imagine faraway worlds and have never been scared because they have a great imagination.

No matter how old we get, we should never lose that core part of what makes us who we are as people, which is our ability to dream and imagine.

So many of the most influential inventors could produce amazing things because they had such a unique outlook on life due to their incredible imagination. And if you can learn from kids about this aspect of life, then you’ll be amazed at all the wonderful things that will follow!

Kids teach us that it’s okay for adults to believe in magic and make-believe, as kids do. They don’t judge us for having imaginations.

Kids have so much fun playing pretend with the simplest of items. They use anything as a sword or a spaceship, and they never stop believing in fairytales, monsters under the bed, ghosts, aliens, superheroes, etc.


We should never stop learning from kids, and the world needs more adults who are willing to see things through a child’s eyes.

Comment below with your favorite lesson, or share one of your own memories about what you’ve learned from children. I’d love to hear them!