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The 10 Favorite Things I Love About my Children

No matter how much they drive me crazy at times, I truly love my children more than anything in this world. From the moment they were born, they have brought so much happiness into my life that it’s hard to imagine what things would be like without them. Here are 10 of the many things I love about my children…

They make me laugh!  


My children are silly and fun-loving. I love that they’re always making me laugh with their little antics. Even on the days when they are driving me crazy, they always manage to make me laugh and lift my spirits.

For example, one day, I was trying to take a shower and put my hair up in a towel, but it kept falling down.

I was cursing at my hair when all of a sudden, my 4-year-old daughter came in and asked me what the problem was. I explained that I couldn’t get my hair to stay up, and he told me that it would help if I used more conditioner! How can you not love a kid who offers helpful advice like that?

Another time, I was trying to make dinner while my son played with his toys.

He kept teasing me by picking up the toy box and moving it away from me every time I tried to grab it. After a few failed attempts, I finally caught one end of the toy box and told him I was taking it away. My son then made a pouty face, looked me in the eyes, and said, “But I wasn’t ready to give it up yet!”

No matter how stressed out I get, my children always know how to cheer me up!  That’s one of the many reasons why I love my children. They teach me how to laugh and that there is more to life than just diapers, dishes, and laundry.

Whether it’s a funny face or something they say, my children always make me laugh. My children are riotously funny. From their conversations to their facial expressions, they give me more entertainment than I could ever get on my own!

That’s why I love my children – they are always good for a laugh.

They teach me!

My children are always teaching me something new. From the moment they were born, my children have opened my eyes to a world that I never knew existed. They make me think about different things, ways of living, or different perspectives.

For example, one day, I was watching my daughter playing alongside a friend. At one point, my daughter’s friend said something to her and started laughing. My daughter glared at her and said, “Stop laughing! That’s not funny!” – to which the little friend replied, “I’m sorry. I can’t help it.” My daughter then put on a big smile and laughed with her. It was a tender moment that made me realize that kids of all ages have different sense of humor and that it’s important not to judge one another.

With a new baby, I am constantly learning new things about motherhood and parenthood. My children keep me on my toes and force me to grow as a person – which is pretty impressive. It may be hard sometimes, but I love that they challenge me to think in new ways.

They give me purpose.

With everything I do, there is always a purpose behind my actions. Whether it’s taking the trash out or making dinner, everything, I am responsible for caring for these little people. It is my job to make sure they are well taken care of and safe. I am their caregiver, teacher, nurse, therapist… the list goes on, but you get my point. They give me purpose in everything that I do because their well-being is my top priority.

It’s a lot to handle with a young baby in the house! I find myself exhausted and utterly drained at the end of the day. There is just so much to do and even more to think about!

But then my children are constantly looking at me with their little eyes full of wonder. They are always reaching out to me, touching my face, tugging on my shirt, or just staring at me with a smile on their face.

That’s why I love my children – they fill my life with purpose and drive, It may be hard sometimes, but I find comfort in knowing they are relying on me to be their everything.

They are my greatest accomplishment.

They are my greatest accomplishment

My children are my greatest accomplishment in life. I may not have much else to show for it, but my children are the only things that really matter to me.

For example, when my daughter needed stitches at the ER, I wasn’t worried about anything else. I was just thinking of her and what she needed.

I know that there are people who don’t like their job or don’t have something fulfilling in their lives, but being a mother is the only thing I have ever done for myself. My children are my legacy, and they will be able to hold me accountable for what I did with my life.

I love my children more than anything else in the world.

They make me feel loved!

I love my children so much that it makes my heart ache sometimes. All I want is to shower them with kisses and hugs, but they are too busy running around the house. And when they are finally tired, they still want to play more!

When I am exhausted beyond belief, my children crawl into bed with me and ask for a story. And I read to them until they are asleep because I want to be as close to them as possible.

I love my children because they make me feel loved, and I can show my love for them in ways that they understand, like reading to them and playing with them. I am so lucky to have these sweet babies in my life.

Their faces light up when they see me.

I love that no matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen them (it might be 2 hours or it may be the whole day), I can see the joy on their face when they see me approach them.

They throw their arms around me and give me hugs that make the rest of the world disappear. Sometimes some people don’t like their jobs or don’t have fulfilling lives. But being a mother is the only thing I ever did just for myself.

Their eyes are always bright and full of joy when I get home because that is the one time they get all of my attention.

I love how my children light up when they see me because it makes me feel appreciated and loved.

They are so innocent and pure.

They are so innocent and pure

Children are so full of life and innocence. When they play, it is always for fun, with no expectations of winning or losing.

It doesn’t matter if their clothes hang off them because my children still want to run around the house pretending to be superheroes. They are too busy having fun to care about how their bodies look!

Even when my children are tired, they still want to play with me. That is why I love them so much because they make their own rules and stay happy no matter what life throws at them.

I love the way that my children are always laughing or playing around. It makes me feel good just being around them because it rubs off on me.

When my children smile at me, I melt. Their smiles are perfect, and they mean the world to me. When I am having a bad day or something goes wrong, they can make my day brighter by smiling at me.

They have a perfect innocence about them that is so pure and untainted; I wish the world could see what I see in them daily. They are my little angels, and they radiate light into my life every day.

There is never a dull moment with them around!

If you asked ten different parents what they love about their children, you would get ten different answers. Children make each day worth waking up for, and I love that about them!

I can’t imagine a life without my children, who give me a reason to get out of bed every single day. They always strive to do something new, so there is never a dull moment with them around.

They always surprise me, and I never know what they will get up to next because they are unpredictable. And while some people complain about that, I adore having children who keep life interesting!

They are so curious about everything!

My children notice things that most adults miss, and they have the best questions! From why leaves change colors in the fall to how the moon gets bright at night, my kids are full of curiosity that I wish more adults had.

They are so full of life, and they always find a way to keep me on my toes.

Sometimes it can be challenging, but there is nothing better than being the center of attention from two sweet kids who want to learn about everything in the world!

I love them for their innocence and curiosity!

I love their hugs and kisses!

I love their hugs and kisses

My children always want to cuddle up next to me at bedtime. And if they are sick, they still want to hold hands while they go to sleep.

When my children hug me, I feel so loved and appreciated because it is the best way for them to tell me that they are happy to see me. Even if I only see them for a few minutes throughout the day, I cherish that time because it means so much to me.

When they’re not feeling well, their hugs and kisses still mean the same thing. They want to show me that they love me and care about me no matter what.

I can’t express how much their little acts of affection mean to me because it is proof that they love me unconditionally. My children are always on my mind!

Even if I had just seen them yesterday or even an hour ago, I still think about them constantly. When I am working or relaxing, my kids are never far from my thoughts.


Even though my children drive me crazy sometimes, they are the only thing that matters in this world to me. To say that they complete me would be an understatement because they give my life new meaning every day. Having children is hard work, but it has its rewards too!

Thanks for reading!