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Dos and Don’ts to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day

So what do you think? Just another article telling us we should be planning our perfect days with our significant others? Well, this year, I’m going to do it too, but there is more to my story than meets the eye. If you’d like, see if you can figure out why I’ve created an entire plan for the perfect Valentine’s Day…

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We have never prepared a true Valentine for our partner … but this year is different! And it seems like everyone is pushing for me to finally go on the “perfect” date this year, but I find their pressure annoying. My plan?

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”.


Use this article as inspiration for what I want from my perfect day! No two people are the same, and there is no single way to celebrate love. If this helps me get closer to having the kind of relationship I want, it will be worth reading all the material!

If you’re like most people, Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays of the year. A vacation where you can spend time with your partner without interruptions from family or friends. If you are still single then it is just another excuse not to be alone on February 14th.

The smartest thing you can do before this important day is to make a list of dos and don’ts:

1. Make reservations for dinner

DO: Make reservations for dinner at least two weeks before Valentine's Day; for 8 weeks prior ideally. If you wait any longer, be prepared to eat at an incredibly crowded restaurant or settle for dining at Denny's.
DON'T: Make reservations for two at mediocre restaurants. It’s important to check online reviews and rankings before making your selection so you know you are going somewhere nice. If your partner suggests a restaurant, ask about their experience with it or read the reviews online before accepting.

2. Preparing the gift

DO: Think about what they like before buying something; collect ideas over time by asking questions! Let them know how much you care without having to spend too much money... if that means sending them flowers, do that instead of getting an expensive gift that is not appropriate for them or that is not their style! This way, you make them feel special but also show yourself as a creative person. You can even go together to pick the gift out if you want to take them with you!
DON'T: Buy something expensive and think it'll mean more...remember people don't care about how many dollars you spent on their present! It's better to invent a small yet romantic gesture that shows you've been listening than get all your money out for an extravagant gift that shows less of your creativity and love. The day is not about the gifts exchanged, after all!

3. Write a letter to tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them.

DO: Write something in the spirit of love and appreciation; to bring them positive emotions when you give it to them! You could also make an audio recording or video voice recording if it's easier.
DON'T: Make jokes about their flaws... people don't like being reminded of their imperfections, even if they are included in a joke (which can come across as being negative, even if you are trying to be positive).
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4. Surprise them with breakfast in bed.

DO: Get them something that they don't usually get at home. You can also suggest trying an exotic recipe that you saw online! Make sure to include a nice note of appreciation to surprise them on Valentine's Day morning.
DON'T: Buy them their favorite muffin, even if it's Happy Valentine's Day! They already get that every day; people don't like to feel like they are getting the same gift over and over again. Mix things up with something creative or different.

5. Get dressed for the occasion.

DO: Think carefully about what you are going to wear. For men, a nice pair of jeans and a cool new t-shirt with a black blazer are recommended. In general, men look good in dark colors so stick to those. Women can wear anything they feel comfortable and confident in! As long as your partner says they love it.
DON'T: Wear the same thing you wear to work or with your normal clothes. You want to look sexy, classy, and unique. If you don't have an idea about what to wear then think of something interesting; ask yourself "what would my partner like me wearing on Valentine's Day?" Show them that you care about how they feel by dressing up for the occasion! Don't wear old, grey sweats that have been worn a thousand times already. You want to look good for your partner and feel confident. Also, you only get one chance on February 14th so make it count!
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6. Pick up flowers, chocolates, and a card for your significant other

DO: Make sure to pick out something that is meaningful and that they will enjoy. If it's their favorite chocolate then you know you're doing a great job! That way, you will show that you know what they like and that you've been paying attention!
DON'T: Forget to take into account their allergies or dietary restrictions such as Kosher, veganism, etc. Also, don't forget to write a nice note if the gift comes without one; it'll make them feel special and loved. Don't buy them cheap flowers when there are expensive ones in the grocery store! Also, avoid candy hearts because there are no real feelings attached. You want your gift to mean something- if you don't trust yourself to choose the right gift, let them help you pick it out! But never buy them cheap chocolate or flowers...that's just insulting...

7. Put your phone away.

DO: Being on your phone all day takes away the intimacy that you are trying to build for Valentine's day; it symbolizes a barrier between you and your partner. Make them feel important by putting down the phone! Having dinner alone isn't very fun so put down those phones and enjoy their company! It might be a nice gesture to stay off of social media/texting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. on Valentine's Day as well.
DON'T: Think that you can get away with using your phone without them noticing. It's rude and disrespectful to keep on your phone when they are there; it shows how little you value their time! If somebody contacts you then wait until later (eg after dinner or while they're in the living room) to text back because it will only cause unnecessary frustration.

8. Give them a massage!

DO: On February 14th people tend to get very stressed out because everything is expected of them (eg presents, chocolates, flowers, etc.) So give them a nice surprise by giving them something they wouldn't expect- the gift of serenity and relaxation after a long day! Massages are sensual, intimate and help to give them a well-deserved break.
DON'T: Think that a massage means you want to have laid. It's not going to be a turn-on for them if they know that it means that you expect something in return.
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9. Don’t take them for granted

DO: Remember to say the little things, like "I love you" or even just a nice compliment. It's important to make sure that they know you appreciate them which is why it's good to be open about how much you care. Make time for each other and don't put your phone in front of their faces when spending quality time together.
DON'T: Forget what day it is because that will ruin the whole holiday! If you are unhappy then try not to take that out on your partner; if something is wrong then talk about it with them rather than taking it out on Valentine's Day. Don't forget to tell them what you appreciate about them and that you care; they need to know!

10. Have sex!

DO: Of course it's good to have an intimate night together and engage in some fun, kinky play. Take advantage of the holiday and create new memories as a couple! Valentine's Day is a great time for lovemaking. It's also nice to relieve some tension from them from the day.
DON'T: Forget about foreplay- even if you guys are going out for a fancy dinner, a little bit of touching beforehand can help set the mood for later on. Don't forget that if they've been stressed then they might be tired or worn down which could lead to a bad experience. Try to relax.


Remember: it’s not about spending a lot of money but making time and putting effort into creating a memorable experience with them! If you want to succeed this Valentine’s Day, then think about what they like and avoid the mistakes that will ruin it.

The whole point of Valentine’s Day is to make your significant other feel special and loved. If you want to show them how much you care then the key is in the little things. Listen, pay attention and respect their wishes when picking out a gift that’s all it takes! That day is all about them- make them feel extra loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!