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Why Every Woman Needs Her Girl Squad, Even in a Relationship

Key Takeaways

  • Female friendships provide emotional support, advice, and empowerment.
  • Having an independent social life is healthy in a romantic relationship.
  • Friends keep you balanced and give perspective on your relationship.
  • Your partner should never feel threatened by your friends.
  • Prioritize friends who build you up. Cut ties with toxic friends.
  • Make time for friend dates amid busy couples’ schedules.
  • Be wary of a partner who tries to isolate you from friends.
  • Cherish your girls – the sisterhood bond is powerful.
Why Every Woman Needs Her Girl Squad, Even in a Relationship

Strong female friendships are a vital pillar of support, bringing joy, laughter, advice, and empowerment. Even when you’re in a romantic relationship, you should never neglect your girlfriends.

Healthy partnerships encourage independent friendships, welcoming outside relationships rather than feeling threatened. Your girls will keep you balanced, providing perspective when you need it most. They’ll always have your back.

Why Female Friendships Matter

Female friendships are central emotional foundations. The profound sisterhood bond offers both strength and comfort. Your girlfriends intrinsically understand your challenges and dreams, providing empathy, wisdom and cheerleading.

They intimately understand womanhood in all its complexity. Your girls encourage you to be your best and most authentic self. They don’t judge your feelings, insecurities, or dreams. You can always be emotionally raw and real with your best girlfriends.

The Power of Shared Female Experience

From first crushes to first heartbreaks, your female friends have been alongside you for life’s ups and downs. They intrinsically understand the multilayered female experience.

Your girls empathize with womanly challenges – from periods and PMS to workplace sexism. They know the pressures and joys of womanhood. You can always vent to friends who “just get it”.

Female Friends Offer Advice and Perspective

Your insightful girlfriends share their takes on life’s sticky situations. They’ll offer advice on everything from awful PMS remedies to navigating toxic relationships.

Friends give you a balanced perspective on romantic issues. They help you see clear solutions when you’re lost in emotion. Your girls always tell it like it is.

Friends Keep You Grounded

Your grounded girlfriends won’t let you lose yourself. They’ll call you out when you’re acting irrationally. Friends keep your ego in check if you get carried away.

Girlfriends remind you of your self-worth if toxic relationships tear you down. They build you back up with care and reassurance. Your girls keep you confident and self-assured.

Maintaining Friendships Amid Romance

Once you enter a romantic relationship it’s easy to get absorbed in coupledom. But you should never neglect friendships that buoy and center you.

Healthy partners will recognize these relationships are invaluable to your happiness. Here’s how to balance both:

Don’t Let Your Social Life Revolve Around One Person

The early stages of romance often prompt couples to spend all their time together. But avoid abandoning your independent life.

Keep up girls’ nights, hobby meet-ups, and outings you enjoy. Don’t lose touch with what makes you uniquely you. A fulfilling life contains many meaningful bonds.

Schedule Regular Friend Dates

Make concrete plans to see your friends regularly. Pop recurring girls’ nights into your calendar. Treat these dates as important as you would other obligations.

Plan some weekends around friend activities rather than defaulting to couple time. Prioritize meet-ups that nourish your soul. Your romantic partner should understand.

Take Trips with Friends

Schedule occasional getaways with your favorite girlfriends. Explore new places that spark your sense of adventure.

Reconnect through deep conversations on long drives. Reminisce over photo albums from your history together. Remember who you are beneath the couple’s identity.

Take Trips with Friends

Don’t Neglect Group Outings with Other Couples

Get together with other couples for shared activities. Bond over potlucks, games nights, or attending shows. Maintain vibrant social circles as your lives evolve.

Expand your group outings beyond established couples to stay socially balanced. Rotate hosting fun get-togethers with your diverse circles of friends.

Set Friendship Boundaries Respectfully

Loving partners will recognize occasional girls’ nights are nourishing. But delicately explain that you need this time if met with resistance.

Say you want to keep strengthening bonds that are so vital to your happiness. Never let someone make you feel guilty for prioritizing self-care.

Leave Group Chats Open with Your Girls

Stay connected to your girlfriend squad every day through group chats. Send each other funny memes, uplifting messages, and daily joys.

Quick check-ins keep you feeling bonded even if you can’t meet up. Your girls should be able to reach you if they need emotional support.

Signs Your Friends Don’t Support Your Relationship

Not all friends have your best interests at heart. If certain girls consistently undermine your romantic happiness, reconsider these ties.

Friends Who Subtly Put Down Your Partner

Pay attention if your girls make backhanded compliments about your partner like, “He seems nice even though he’s not that cute.”

They may disguise sabotaging commentary within seemingly innocuous statements. Don’t tolerate passive-aggressive negativity.

Friends Who Flirt with Your Partner

Your real friends should never cross boundaries. If a girlfriend constantly touches your partner unnecessarily or makes suggestive jokes, take note.

Healthy friends respect your relationship and would never consciously undermine it. Don’t allow inappropriate behavior to continue.

Friends Who Try to Hook Your Partner Up with Others

Girlfriends who attempt to set your partner up with other people clearly don’t care about your happiness. Shut down these disrespectful matchmaking efforts completely.

A true friend would never try to sabotage or compromise what you have built with someone else. Their hurtful motivations may reflect their own insecurities.

Friends Who Tell You Your Partner Is Wrong for You

What begins as “concern” can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Repeated insistence that you’re incompatible may place seeds of relationship doubt or precipitate conflict.

Unless there are legitimate red flags, be wary of friends who declare your partner is wrong for you, especially if opinions are based on questionable reasons like contrasting lifestyles or backgrounds.

Friends Who Complain Your Partner is “Stealing” You

You’re allowed to divide your time between your romantic relationship and friendships. If your girls guilt you for spending less time with them, reflect on whether this is a proportional reaction.

Your expanding life is not a personal slight. Consider whether petty complaints reveal an unhealthy possessiveness that will only drive you apart in the long run.

Recognizing Isolation Tactics in Relationships

Sadly, some partners try to deliberately isolate their significant other from friends and family. This controlling tactic cuts you off from key support systems.

A Partner Who Discourages You from Making Plans

Notice if your partner guilt trips you for scheduling girls’ nights or routinely asks you to cancel established plans. Their subtle manipulation separates you from friends.

A Partner Who Becomes Annoyed About Your Girls’ Group Chats

If your significant other gets irritable when your phone buzzes with girlfriend check-ins, this suggests they want your time and attention solely focused on them.

A Partner Who Makes You Feel Guilty for Going Out

Beware someone who passive-aggressively sulks if you go enjoy yourself without them. Their unhealthy clinginess aims to make you dependent entirely on them for company.

A Partner Who Tries to Turn You Against Your Friends

An isolating partner may make snide comments about your friends or twist facts to cast them in a negative light. Recognize this undermining tactic.

A Partner Who Ridicules Your Friends as Threats

If your significant other characterizes your perfectly normal friends as potential romantic rivals, this indicates irrational jealousy and control issues.

Trust Your Instincts Around Isolation

Speak up if your partner exhibits isolation warning signs. Establish healthy boundaries around friendships. Refuse to relinquish any relationship that uplifts you.

Healthy Partners Value Your Important Friendships

People worth your time will recognize friendships are integral to your identity. Your significant other shouldn’t feel competitive with these ties that nourish and inspire you.

They Make an Effort with Your Friend Group

A caring partner will get to know your friends personally during group outings. They’ll value each woman rather than dismissing the group.

They Trust You Fully

A secure partner won’t feel jealous of the time you spend together or threatened by your close emotional bonds. They know your loyalty.

They Encourage You to Make Plans with Friends

Rather than guilt-tripping you for being socially independent, they’re glad you’re keeping up longtime friendships that make you happy.

They Understand When You Need Girls’ Nights

An empathetic partner recognizes when you need some special time to unwind with your girls. They don’t make you feel guilty for periodically recharging solo.

They Understand When You Need Girls Nights

They Would Never Ask You to Choose Between Them and Friends

A loving partner would never demand such an unfair ultimatum. They respect healthy boundaries and support you in nourishing all relationships important to your well-being.

They’re Open to Hanging in Group Settings

Your friends should be able to get to know your partner during chill group hangouts. There’s no need for them to occupy completely separate spheres.

Healthy partners recognize true friends and bring out your best self. They would never require you to relinquish meaningful bonds.

Staying Bonded with Your Girls for Life

As life evolves, consciously preserve your most nourishing female friendships. Prioritize the women who genuinely support and empower you.

Schedule Regular Catch-Up Rituals

Make your annual girls’ trips, bi-monthly banter calls, and weekly coffee dates non-negotiable fixtures in your calendar. Consistency maintains intimacy.

Send Small Gifts to Stay Connected

Surprise your long-distance besties with their favorite baked goods, custom mementos from trips, or care packages on tough days. These reminders keep your bond strong.

Check-in During Big Life Moments – Both Joyful and Tough

From major milestones like weddings or new babies to painful challenges like illnesses or deaths, your real friends will rally to support you. Reach out and let them uplift you during titanic transitions.

Never Let Competitiveness or Jealousy Infect Your Circle

When a friend achieves something incredible, cheer loudly for her. If you ever catch yourself making snide remarks borne of insecurity, check yourself. Your true girls deserve better.

Appreciate Each Woman’s Uniqueness

Recognize that nobody can ever replicate the exact love and magic your friends bring. There’s room for all of you to shine brightly while lifting each other up.

Forgive Mistakes and Allow Friendships to Evolve

Understand interests and priorities shift over time. Let the bonds flex and breathe; don’t hold friends to past expectations. Stay open.

Surround Yourself with Women who Inspire Growth

As you learn and expand, your friends might too. Make space for new friendships with women who challenge you to keep ascending. Your tribe can be wide.

Always Make Time for Laughter

No matter how busy life gets, remember to be silly, crack jokes, and reminisce over the hilarious memories you share. Humor and playfulness keep your emotional bond strong.

The sisterhood of female friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. Continue valuing your girls, prioritizing them amidst romantic relationships. They are among your sturdiest sources of joy and solace.

You’ll be grateful for their voices of wisdom, humor and care through every season of womanhood. Your tribe of strong women will inspire you to live boldly as your best self. Keep them close forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reconnect with an old friend I’ve lost touch with?

Reach out to let her know you’ve been thinking of her. Suggest meeting up to catch up properly without distractions. Share that you’d love to revive your friendship.

What if my partner doesn’t like one of my friends?

Listen openly to their concerns if criticism seems valid. But make clear you value this friend, so you hope to find understanding. Never end friendships simply to appease a partner.

What if my partner feels jealous of how close I am to a girlfriend?

Reassure them of your loyalty and set boundaries around small things. But don’t relinquish meaningful, platonic bonds simply due to unreasonable jealousy.

How should I introduce a new partner to my existing friend group?

Organize a relaxed group gathering like dinner, games night, or a day hike to integrate your new partner. Show you value your whole network coming together.

What if my friends never make an effort to befriend my partner?

Have an open chat with your girls. Say you want the key people in your life to share community since it would mean a lot. Give friendships a chance to deepen organically.

What if my friends never make an effort to befriend my partner

How can I make time for friends now that I have kids?

Get creative with family-friendly gatherings like park play dates or kids’ crafting classes. Reconnect through late-night phone calls once little ones are asleep.

How can I stay close with friends who live far away?

Schedule regular video chat catch-ups. Send care packages. Plan fun reunions like weekend getaways or trips to see each other. The emotional bond remains strong.

How do I deal with friends who resent me spending less time with them?

Validate it’s an adjustment but say you still care deeply. Suggest concrete ways to stay connected that work for both, like monthly friend dates.

What if my friends seem overly competitive about relationship milestones?

Congratulate their happiness genuinely. Focus on your own growth. Surround yourself with friends who build you up rather than tear you down.

Summary Table

Reasons to Cherish Female FriendshipsSigns of Toxic FriendsKeys to Balance Friendships and Romance
Provide emotional supportSubtly undermine your partnerMaintain independent social life
Share relationship adviceFlirt with partner inappropriatelySchedule regular dedicated friend time
Keep you groundedTry hooking partner up with othersTake occasional trips with friends
Build up your self-worthDeclare your partner is wrong for youSet boundaries gracefully
Offer perspectiveComplain you’re “abandoning” themStay connected daily


Your circle of supportive girlfriends provides an unparalleled source of laughter, solace, and strength. Continue uplifting these empowering women in your life, even amidst romantic relationships.

Partners worth keeping will recognize your friends are irreplaceable pillars of your happiness. Never compromise on meaningful bonds with women who enrich your spirit.

Prioritize your girls. The profound gift of sisterhood lasts a lifetime.