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10 Beautiful Kids’ Wall Designs For Mom to Copy!

One of the best ways to spice up a child’s room is by adding wall designs. Whether you have a boy or girl, there are so many unique ideas out there for kids’ rooms that will make your little one’s space more vibrant and exciting. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are ten beautiful designs that any parent would be proud to copy!

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Rainbow Wall.

This one is a great way to add color and joy to any child’s room. You can choose from several colors or create your unique combination using different shades of the same hue.

Plus, if you have two children who share a bedroom, this design will help them personalize their side of the wall without mixing up their colors.
This design is easy to create by using decals or wall stickers.

There are plenty of options out there; all you need to do is decide which one fits your child’s taste best!
A great way to make this design look more attractive is by adding a few clouds, butterflies, or other minor elements. You can also incorporate your child’s name in the design. This way, you’d have the rainbow wall plus a feature that is unique to their personality!

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Under the Sea.

Who doesn’t love mermaids and sea creatures? If your child is a fan of the ocean, this wall design will make their room look like it’s straight out of an underwater kingdom!

To create this unique design, you’ll need to use decals that feature different types of fish. You can also add some colorful corals and a treasure chest in the middle of it all.

To make this look more authentic, go with an underwater scene that starts from the corner on one side of the wall and goes to another until you reach the center point, where you can add your child’s name or favorite character.

If you have room, adding some bubbles or a beautiful shell at the end would be perfect!
This design is perfect for any child’s room, but it’s splendid in a shared bedroom because each kid can choose their favorite sea creature and place it on the wall that belongs to them.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about them fighting over who gets which side of the room since they can decorate their wall with whatever makes them happy!

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Alphabet Wall.

If you’re looking for something fun and educational that your kids will love, an alphabet wall is a perfect solution! This simple design can help get your child more interested in learning how to read or even practicing their ABCs. It also makes a great addition to any classroom because it creates a playful vibe while teaching new things simultaneously!

There are several ways to create an alphabet wall that will fit into your child’s room. You can draw the letters on each wall using different colors or pick some nice decals to put up instead. If you choose this option, ensure they have bright and vivid hues to stand out against the wall.
This is an excellent design for any child’s room because it doesn’t have to be only on the walls! It can even look amazing as part of your little one’s furniture, be it their bed or dresser! You can choose from different shapes and letters to fit each piece perfectly without taking up too much space. Plus, you can even play with the colors and make them more personal!

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Chevron Wall.

This design is super stylish, but it’s also simple to create. You can use wall decals or paint the chevron pattern on your child’s bedroom walls yourself! If you choose this option, try using different colors for each design section, so they don’t look too monotonous.

Chevrons are great for accentuating different room parts and drawing attention to specific elements. They’re great in children’s rooms, but they can even look amazing on the walls of your master bedroom!

This design also makes it super easy to incorporate some other patterns or designs. You don’t have to stick with just chevrons – you can create a whole new pattern that will look great with this basic idea!
This is a fascinating design for kids because it’s fun and modern but still very simple to create. If you have some extra space in your child’s bedroom, why not add a fun and colorful area rug or some other element that will help you create the perfect design?

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Forest Canopy.

If you want to create a magical forest in your child’s bedroom, this design is the perfect option! It will turn their room into an enchanting place where fairies and woodland creatures can live. Plus, it looks fantastic whether you use wall decals or paint the trees yourself.

If you want to create a design like this, choose your favorite colors and paint the trees on one of the walls. You can even add some cute woodland creatures to make it look more attractive.
This is another excellent option for children’s bedrooms since it has such a playful vibe! If you have enough room in their bedroom, adding some fun furniture that perfectly matches the design is a great idea. You can also use wall decals to create a pattern or even paint some trees on your child’s dresser for an adorable accent!

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Disney Theme.

Who doesn’t love Disney? This wall is a great way to show your child’s love of everything, Mickey and Minnie. Kids’ rooms are often cluttered with many different items, so it’s important to add something like this that will make the space feel less cramped. If you’re unsure what looks best on which walls, look up some inspirational pictures before starting!

Just remember when creating any design or theme for kids’ spaces: keep it fun and age-appropriate by staying away from dark colors and scary images (unless your little one loves them!). You can also use wall decals to create this Disney-inspired design.

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Animal Kingdom.

This design is perfect for children who love animals! It will turn their bedroom into a fun jungle where they can play with all of their favorite creatures. Plus, it’s super simple to create – you have to paint the different parts of the design yourself or use wall decals that already come in packs with animal shapes and elements.

You can choose whatever colors and patterns you want for this design, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to customize the room. Just be careful not to make your child feel overwhelmed by all of the different elements – try sticking with just one or two color schemes that will help keep everything together.

This is another excellent idea for children’s bedrooms or playrooms, so it can be a great option if you want to create something fun for your child. You don’t have to stick with animal shapes – you could also use geometric shapes like squares or circles if that fits better in the room!

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Pop Art.

This idea is perfect for children who love bright colors and patterns. Plus, it will make the room look fun and modern while still matching most color schemes (if you stick with brighter tones). The best part? It doesn’t have to be complicated – all you need are some nice pops of color against a solid background.

This idea will work for any room, so it’s a great idea if you want to create something fun and modern without too much effort. Just choose a color scheme that fits your child’s bedroom, then paint the different colors onto their walls or use wall decals.

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Chalkboard Wall.

This design is perfect for children who love to draw and create. Plus, it doesn’t require too much effort – all you need are some chalkboard paint and a few colors of chalk! You can let your child do the rest or help them develop extraordinary designs if they want something specific.

This idea will look great in pretty much any type of room, so it is excellent for children who want something fun and modern. You can choose whatever colors you want or stick with just one scheme—the choice is entirely up to you!

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Drawing Projector for Kids.

This final idea is perfect for kids who love to draw their own designs, remove them, and create them again. On Amazon, you can find a drawing projector that projects an image of your child’s design on their bedroom walls. Kids can “draw” on it with Washi Tape and see their drawings come to life.

This idea will work for any room, so it’s a great option if you want something fun that can be customized however your child wants. As long as you choose the right projector, they’ll be able to create whatever kind of design they want in no time! You can find a great one here.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 10 beautiful kids’ wall designs. If your home is anything like ours, it’s filled with creative people who are always looking for inspiration to create new things! What are some of the most interesting projects that have come out of your family? Tell us in the comments below so we can share them with everyone else on the blog post!