10 Ways to Deal with a Teen – Essential Tips for Parents

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It’s not easy to be a parent. You’re full of love for your kids, but they can push you to the edge with their constant displays of defiance and rebellion. One day it feels like you have them under control, the next they are starting fights in school or sneaking out at night. If this sounds all too familiar, read on for 10 essential tips!

Make Sure they Have a Good Sleep

teen sleeping chico

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of being healthy. If your teen isn’t getting enough Zzzzs, their mood, concentration, and behavior will all suffer, not to mention the impact it can have on their school work. Research shows that teenagers need around 9 hours of sleep per night. This is because they are growing rapidly and that takes a lot of energy which can only be obtained through rest. A good night’s sleep also makes your teen less likely to act up during the day as they’ll feel calmer and more relaxed.

Remove Screens from the Bedroom. Screens are not only distracting for your teens but also interfere with their sleep patterns because these electronic devices emit blue light. This delays the release of melatonin responsible for triggering good quality restful sleep. Your teens should be reading novels or listening to music before going off to dreamland instead of playing on screens.

Find out What’s Going on with their Friends

The best way to do this is to maintain an open dialogue with your teen and get them to share their thoughts. It may be easier to ask questions when they’re in a good mood but it’s also necessary to ask when they are in a bad mood. You may need to use a sympathetic tone, or let them know that you care even if you don’t agree.

If your teen is feeling stressed, depressed or anxious at school, find out what the cause of this is. You can help tackle these feelings by connecting with them through “I” statements (I feel like you might be struggling because of…), empathy (that must be hard), and supportiveness.

Be a good listener – make sure you are listening about your teen is saying and make sure to ask questions. Give them the opportunity to talk about their feelings and be open with them. Let them know they can come to you for help.

Help them Learn About Money Management

teen money chico
teen money chico

Teenagers should learn about money management early on so that it becomes second nature to them as they get older. This means charging them small amounts of allowance for chores and other tasks around the house. They can also be given larger amounts of allowance based on their grades, or participation in extra-curricular activities at school.

Your teen will only become independent if you allow them to make mistakes along the way. Set up systems like how much money they are allowed to take out with them for an evening away from home, or how many friends they can invite over for sleepovers (hint: probably not more than two). This will help reinforce good behavior without making your teen feel like they’re living under constant surveillance.

For many people, managing their money is something they learn slowly over time. Learning about it at school is not enough because teens need to practice this in real life. Give your teen an allowance each month and make sure to cover the essentials like food, transport, and mobile phone bills.

Help them Develop a Healthy Diet Eating

junk food is part of growing up for many teenagers, but eating healthily will give them more energy and help improve their concentration. Let your teen experiment with different dishes so that they can learn how to cook basic healthy meals.

Feeding your teens right can be a bit of a struggle at times because they value their own independence, including their taste in food. Help them develop healthy eating habits by making the decision to cook together. Teach them why certain foods are good for energy, mental health, and general wellbeing.

Foods like avocados, eggs, salmon, and sweet potatoes contain essential fatty acids that improve brain function so try to include these as part of your regular diet. Encourage lots of fruit and vegetables too – any excuse for another smoothie!

Monitor their Online Activity and Social Media

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You should encourage your teen to have accounts on social media so that they can stay in touch with friends. But it’s important to check these are used in a responsible manner, especially when there are privacy issues because being online means being open to scrutiny by people you don’t know.

This means checking their social media accounts, texts, and emails. Monitor messaging apps like WhatsApp to see who they are talking to, what’s being said etc. – it’s important to remember though that this should be done in a supportive way!

Make Sure They Get Outside and Exercise

We all know that social media and video games can be addictive so make sure your teen is getting enough natural sunlight and exercise. This means encouraging them to go out with friends and family for walks, bike rides, and sports practice.

Encourage outdoor activities like biking, hiking, or picnics to help boost their mood. If the weather isn’t good then activity days at school could be a good substitute – most schools now offer this as part of their regular schedule.

Teens who do sport at school perform better academically because being physically active boosts mental health. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends children aged 6-17 get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Help your teens stick to this rule by encouraging outdoor.

Tell them how Proud of them you are 

Teenagers are not always the easiest to deal with so remember that they are still learning too. They will make mistakes, but it’s important that you love them regardless of whether they are behaving well or badly.

Encourage your teen by telling them how proud of them you are when they come home with good grades, behave responsibly online, exercise every day, etc. Be honest and supportive at all times – don’t make empty threats because this will only create resentment between you both in the long run.

8 Go out on adventures together, like going fishing or camping, so that your kids will enjoy spending time with you 

Make sure they have plenty of space in their room

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A tidy room will make it easier for them to relax after a busy day at school and will also show you trust them and respect their privacy.

Teens who have places of refuge are less likely to get into trouble so encourage your kids to keep enjoying the things they liked when they were children but in moderation!

It’s important to help them decorate it and make it a warm, inviting place. Encourage your teens to keep their room tidy and organized because this is one of the first steps towards developing good habits that will help them later on in life.

You should set some ground rules for how you expect bedrooms to look so that they can learn about responsibility from an early age.

This way, when they enter the real world one day, they’ll be able to build up these skills without too much hardship!

Don’t Try to Control Everything 

This means not hovering over their shoulder when they are on the computer or hanging out with friends. It’s important to keep an eye on their lives but remember that you are there to guide them and encourage them, not control every move they make.    

As a parent, it can be difficult to trust your kids if they have made mistakes in the past like bad grades or poor social media behavior. But make sure you give them the benefit of the doubt and focus more on their good points instead.

You should encourage your child to take some responsibility for their own life, including making decisions about what they eat, how much exercise they get every day, and how many hours of social media they use.

The most important thing is to help them learn from their mistakes so that they can become independent in the future – this means allowing them to make choices without feeling like you are always watching over their shoulder.

Being independent is important for teenagers so give your advice while respecting their choices. For example – if your teen wants to go on an exchange program during high school then support the decision even though it might be dangerous because this is something they want to do.

Get Involved in your Teen’s Interests

No matter how old your children get, it’s important to stay involved in their lives and form a strong, trusting relationship with them. That means sharing some of their interests so that you can both grow together and become closer as a family unit.

This doesn’t just mean watching the latest Disney films or letting them play on your favorite games console – it means getting out there and doing things that they enjoy too!

If you don’t know much about football then why not go along with your son to his next match? If you’ve never been camping before then why not book a weekend away with your daughter this summer?

Don’t be afraid to make an effort because these small gestures will make a huge difference when they are older


Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope you found it informative and interesting! A lot of parenting is trial and error. You might not get it right the first time, but don’t give up! Please comment below. I want to hear from you!


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